Frankie Muniz Doesn’t Remember Filming Malcolm In The Middle

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The child star Frankie Muniz doesn’t remember filming “Malcolm In The Middle” and the reason for it is tragic.

Frankie played the lead role Malcolm in “Malcolm In The Middle” alongside “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston. The show was a multi-award winning success and something we all remember watching while we were growing up, but sadly the star doesn’t remember much of his 6 years filming the show.

Frankie Muniz is now 32 years old, he was 15 years old when he landed the role as Malcolm.

Child star Frankie Muniz

Before starring in Malcolm and the Middle, Frankie took some parts in shows that included Spin City and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

The co-star

Frankie worked alongside Bryan Cranston, who after Malcolm in the Middle, went on to win 6 Emmies for his role as drug baron Walter White (Heisenberg) in AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Yup…this guy!

Even back in the Malcolm in the Middle days you could tell he’d be the perfect actor as the drug cooking super-villain Heisenberg.

Frankie’s amnesia

Opening up about his memory loss and not remembering much about his filming days he said “I don’t see it as a negative”

Is it a big loss?

There’s lots of actors out there who say they don’t remember much about filming their super successful sitcoms, like Matthew Perry from “Friends” who says he doesn’t remember much either. It seems to be the done thing!

A reminder

There’s no better reminder of the years you’ve missed if they’re all literally perfectly documented in video form! Still, pretty tragic though.

The Reason: Multiple Concussions

Frankie Muniz got his first concussion at age 7 while playing goalie in a soccer game. The next one came when he tripped and fell on his head during basketball. Two more occurred during pee-wee football around 7th grade, and he’s not sure when the rest followed — though he does recall getting a few while racing cars in his early 20s after starring on Malcolm in the Middle when he raced cars professionally.

How could you forget this?

In the interview while appearing in “Dancing with the Stars” he mentioned a very matter-of-fact pronouncement that he doesn’t remember starring in the popular Fox sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle”. In another candid interview with EW, Muniz said he’s been in and out of ERs and doctors offices after suffering from “at least” 15 transient ischemic attacks (or TIAs), otherwise known as mini-strokes that involve a temporary clot or blockage in the brain.

A serious condition

His first one hit in 2012 when he was riding his motorcycle. He lost his peripheral vision but miraculously made it home alive, though he barely recognized his then girlfriend and mom. He couldn’t understand what they were trying to say. He went to an ER, but answers were scarce. And they would remain that way. “By that point, I already had nine concussions,” recalls Muniz. “But concussions don’t usually correlate with TIAs. The doctors did every test. A lot of times with TIAs, there’s a small hole in heart that causes it. Clots go to the brain and you have a mini-stroke. I don’t have that hole.”

The rest of the cast

Erik Per Sullivan, who played the youngest brother Dewey in the hit TV show, hasn’t taken on many roles since, last acting in 2010

His instagram

Still just about recognizable, he’s active on Instagram should you want to keep track of his life (you don’t need me to tell you what Instagram is for…)

Justin Berfield

Justin Berfield also hasn’t taken on many roles since playing Reese in Malcolm in the Middle…that show must have made the cast a llllllot of money.

His Instagram

Want to see his latest catch? Well tune in and keep track of the riveting fishing escapades.

Christopher Masterson

Who plays oldest brother (and misbehaviour idol) Francis continues to act in various TV shows and movies, the latest being “I’d like to be alone now” set for release in 2019.

What’s he up to?

Christopher is also a disc jockey. His brother Danny Masterson was one of the stars in “That 70’s Show” playing Steven Hyde.

Craig Traylor

Who played Malcolm’s wheelchair-bound classmate has also kept a very low profile after the show finished in 2006.

Jane Kaczmarek

Jane has had various roles on big shows like” The Big Bang Theory”, “The Middle” and “This is Us”.

Frankie Muniz

With the concussion induced  memory loss, Muniz says he gave up trying to get answers, particularly because it hasn’t hindered his zest to try new things. After Malcolm ended in 2006, he raced cars professionally for several years before changing direction and playing drums in two different rock bands. He now manages one in his spare time and hopes to return to acting.

His Instagram

Frankie is appearing in a few films due to release over the next few years, that is, when he’s not promoting Oreo’s

Other iconic TV shows

Remember “Sister, Sister” starring Tia and Tamara. What a show that was! I wonder where Roger is now…

Kenan and Kel

Kenan now features as a regular member of the Saturday Night Live cast…Kel…Kel is still around, I think?

Sabrina The Teenaged Witch

Because nothing says amazing comedy show like an obviously robotic cat playing the accordian…

Sabrina Spellman…

Sabrina ran from 1996 – 2003, returning brielfy for a short film called Sabrina & Salem: Together Again.

Before she became a wtich?

Before Melissa Joan Hart starred as Sabrina, she was explaining it all as Clarissa Darling in “Clarissa Explains It All”.

Saved By The Bell

1989 – 1992 saw Zack, A.C Slater, Screech, Kelly and Lisa all rocking seriously dated 90’s High School gear. It was a short lived series, but lives forever in our hearts.

The 90’s were awesome!

Wayne’s World, Ace Ventura, Groundhog Day, Home Alone, There’s Something About Mary…the list goes on!  the 90’s was a golden age for comedy in TV and movie form.

Who could forget..

One of the best known raps straight from “The Prince of Bel Air”. Yup, 90’s children really are the luckiest.