Fraternity Suspended After Forcing Puppy to Drink Beer | 22 Words

It might seem like common knowledge, but, somehow, there are still people who don't know how dangerous alcohol is for dogs.

No matter what other people are saying, experts agree: dogs' livers just aren't equipped to process alcohol like human livers do. The smallest amount is enough to give your puppy alcohol poisoning.

Beer is even worse because of the hops that it's made of.

Unfortunately, it seems that one university's fraternity house wasn't aware of the dangerous effects of beer when they held a young puppy upside down over a keg and poured beer into its mouth.

Luckily, someone got hold of the video and shared it on Twitter, hoping that the right authorities will do something about it.

And they did.

The Nassau SPCA has taken away the puppy from the owner and the University has suspended the frat house.

Scroll down to see the video and how people believe that the frat house students should be punished.

It might seem like one drop of beer won't do much harm to your puppy.

But Rover says that beer is actually incredibly dangerous, especially for young and small dogs.

We've all heard stories about dog owners who've shared a beer with their canine buddies without any negative effects.

And how much dogs love the taste of beer.

But alcohol is very dangerous for dogs, even in small amounts.

Dogs' livers can't process alcohol, which leads to them suffering from alcohol poisoning and a night in the emergency room.

The smaller the dog, the more dangerous it is for them.

But there's something else that's specific to beer and is dangerous for dogs.

It's the hops that beer is made of.

Rover says that if your dog does get any beer into their system and you notice any worrisome symptoms, you must call the vet immediately.

There are a few serious signs of alcohol poisoning in dogs.

Such as "slowed movement or difficulty walking, a decrease in body temperature [and] blood pressure, seizures, and respiratory difficulty or failure."

The dog might even need "IV treatment, rehydration measures, and close monitoring."

If you really want your buddy to join you for a beer, you can buy pretend beer for dogs! But don’t ever do what this fraternity house did...

A video went viral on Twitter showing two Hofstra University Alpha Epsilon Pi's students doing the unthinkable.

They involved a ten-month-old King Charles Cavalier named "Buddy" in their wild party in the worst way...

The party took place at the fraternity's house in Hempstead, Long Island, New York.

This is where one student was caught on video holding Buddy, a ten-month-old King Charles Cavalier, upside down over a keg, while the other poured beer into its mouth. Just wait until you see...

Buddy belonged to a twenty-one-year-old senior student who was apart of the fraternity.

Luckily, people on Twitter were able to identify the cameraman and have called out for others on the internet to share what they think about his part in the incident. And, they had some thoughts.

Some took it as an opportunity to reflect on the University's Greek Life.

He has a great point. Many colleges and Universities share their support for the Greek Life community, but it's hard to support something like this.

People were angry – and they had the right to be!

@Christinamarmz was about ready to fight some of these fraternity bros for what they did to that poor pup.

An investigation has already started at the University after the video went viral.

via: Kristina Proscia

A spokesperson for Hofstra has confirmed that, just as the University policies require, the whole fraternity house has been suspended.

"The behavior seen on the video is unacceptable and in violation of the University's Code of Community Standards," she said.

via: Kristina Proscia

"The University has been in communication with Alpha Epsilon Pi International headquarters, as well as with chapter members regarding this off-campus incident."

According to them, it's not yet clear which of the students in the video is the owner.

But the University has promised that all students seen in the video will be subject to its Code of Community Standards.

The Nassau SPCA is also investigating the incident.

Nassau SPCA Det., Gary Rogers, explained why the act was unlawful, saying, "That dog had no choice."

"It didn't say, 'Hey I want a beer and I want it poured down my throat,' so it's wrong."

He added, "We're going to gather all the evidence, and once we have all the evidence, we'll sit down with the District Attorney's Office and see how we're going to proceed from there."

He also said that the owner could "face a misdemeanor charge of torturing of animals."

Jon Pierce, the spokesperson for Alpha Epsilon Pi, confirmed that the fraternity has been placed on "cease and desist" because they most likely violated the organization's health and safety policies too.

He also hopes that whatever punishment the fraternity faces, it will help to raise better men of tomorrow.

"We hope that we are able to use this as a teaching moment to help build better young men who are committed to our policies and our mission of developing future leaders of the world's Jewish communities," Pierce said.

Alpha Epsilon Pi is a Jewish college fraternity and has chapters in more than one hundred and ninety campuses across 7 countries.

So far, Hofstra University hasn't yet announced if and how the students will be disciplined but, hopefully, justice will be served.

Neighbors of the frat house have shared that it's not the first time that the students have caused trouble.

Walter Szpaczynsky is one such neighbor who has had to call the police several times before. But this situation was particularly out of control. "Terrible, terrible," he said. "Music, playing football, drinking and drinking."

What's even worse is that the owner promised the SPCA that they would take Buddy to the vet and have them run a blood test on him...but he didn't

Instead, he gave up Buddy to the Nassau SPCA. "He felt it was the best thing for him to do," said Nassau SPCA Det. Matthew Roper.

When the SPCA showed up at the frat house the first time, Buddy seemed to be healthy.

That’s why the SPCA couldn't take Buddy right away - he wasn't being neglected.

Luckily, Buddy's alcohol and liver enzyme tests also turned out to be fine.

ABC7 says, once the SCPA announced that the puppy was in their care, almost a hundred people called offering to adopt Buddy.

But Nassau SPCA Det., Matthew Roper, said, "He's evidence right now, so we have to keep him safe and healthy."

"Once the case goes to adjudication, goes to court, we'll find a place for him," he assured.

Here is the viral video that has caught everyone's attention:

It's just not right. Poor Buddy – he deserves so much better!

We still don't know what will happen to the perpetrators.

People who have seen the video call for expulsion and even jail time for the owner and everyone involved.

Wendy Meredith: "I hope they are charged with cruelty to animals!"

Clara Purdoski: "He should be [charged with abuse and fined] and the dog taken away. Also he [should get kicked] out of college a_hole!!! If I had my chance I'd do it to him but worse."

Don Longo says that there’s even more that can be done to make sure that the frat house and everyone else will learn from the incident.

"They should be arrested on the animal abuse charges under 2 NY State statutes and their identities made public so that they will learn there are consequences for abusing an animal."

"This is sociopathic behavior."

He added, "Future employers should take note of their names and pass them by. And for everyone who knows them... you should let them know how despicable they are. 'All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.'" Now we just need to hear what PETA has to say about all this…