French TV Star Igor Bogdanoff Dies Days After Identical Twin Brother

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The beloved French television star Igor Bogdanoff has passed away.

And the news comes just days after his identical twin brother died…

Leaving people around the world heartbroken.

Igor Yourievitch Bogdanoff, seventy-two, was a television presenter with his identical twin brother Grégoire Grichka, also seventy-two.

Igor’s brother passed away on December 28 after being admitted into hospital during the middle of December.

And now, Igor, who was also in hospital, has joined his brother, tragically passing away on January 3.

They presented science fiction, popular science, and cosmology together, becoming the subject of crypto memes later on in their professional lives.

They spent their early lives being raised by their grandmother, Countess Bertha, in her castle in Southern France before they emerged onto the television scene.

And they truly amazed everyone, entertaining their viewers each step of the way, starting with their 1979 show Temps X which ran all the way through until 1985.

It was actually the first French television program that covered science facts in-depth, as well. So, a pretty big deal.

Eventually, in 2002, the twins introduced a new weekly television show, which played on France 2, a French public channel…

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Rayons X. The show was a popular science program.

It’s safe to say… They were rather successful together.

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But television shows weren’t all they were known for.

Attention was later drawn quite heavily on their appearance, as well.

The press began reporting on the facial structure of the twins back in the 1990’s. It led to people speculating what could cause their facial shapes to change so drastically if it wasn’t plastic surgery, which the Bogdanoff twins denied having.

People speculated that they had either had Botox or other plastic surgery procedures. But others have said their facial change occurred naturally, just as the Bogdanoff twins repeatedly insisted.

And whether they both joined each other in going under the knife, or not, one thing was for sure… They were inseparable through life, and through death, as well.

Igor had 6 children in total, reportedly all from 3 different women.

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According to Gettotext he has a forty-four-year-old son named Dimitri, who was born to actress Geneviève Grad, with who he had a relationship at one point in his life.

He also reportedly has daughters Sasha, thirty years old, Anna twenty-nine years old, and a son Wenceslas, twenty-five years old, born to Ludmila d’Oultremont.

And finally, he was the father to Alexandre, 8-years old, and Constantin, who was 5-years old, born to Amélie de Bourbon-Parme, a forty-four-year-old writer.

And in the columns of Paris Here, Igor reportedly wrote: “I am very close to the three big and small. I have good relations with my exes. Transforming a relationship into a lasting friendship is fundamental.”

And now the father and television presenter has ever so tragically passed away.

With Igor’s agent releasing a heart-melting statement from his family.

“In peace and love, surrounded by his children and his family, Igor Bogdanoff left for the light on Monday, January 3, 2022,” the statement read.

The brother’s were not only stars of their own shows, but other shows as well.

They were introduced to shows such as Star Trek, an American science fiction media franchise, and Doctor Who, a British science-fiction program.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, though.

The twins were involved in quite a scandal, named the Bogdanoff Affair, where they had been accused of falsifying scientific papers through the early 2000s.

However, news outlets later reported that their work was a deliberate Hoax so that they could target weakness in a peer review system physics journals use to select papers to be published.

But in all the controversy they faced, the twins always managed to brighten the lives of those they met and interacted with.

And that’s why it was an absolute shock to hear that just 6 days after the death of Grégoire Grichka Bogdanoff, his identical twin brother Igor Bogdanoff, passed away, as well.

We cannot imagine what their family are going through right now.

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After losing both brothers in such a short period of time.

And unfortunately, the twins lost their lives to coronavirus.

With Luc Ferry, a friend to the brothers, speaking to Le Monde “Grichka, like Igor, was not an anti-vax. He was antivax for himself,” after explaining that neither of them was vaccinated against the virus.

Both Grichka and Igor believed that the vaccine was not safe for them. They also believed they were fit enough to sustain from such a vaccination, as they never got sick, up until they caught the coronavirus.

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“Being very athletic, without a gram of fat, they believed that the vaccine was more dangerous. They never got sick,” he said to the news outlet.

Rest in peace Igor and Grichka, you were inseparable all the way until the end, and you enlightened so many lives through your years.