Friends who will always have your back are the kind of friends you need by your side, right.

Well, one group of friends has absolutely nailed being supportive friends after the came up with the best gift idea.

After Olivia Mahone lost her mom earlier this year, the past few months have been obviously tough. But when she returned home from work one night she was greeted by the most touching gift left by her friends.

The touching gesture not only warmed Olivia's heart but also everyone else's. After Olivia posted the picture on Instagram and Twitter, it soon went viral.

There's nothing better than a good group of friends is there.

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Ones that will support you and be there for you.

Well, one girl's friendship group proved how great they were.

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After they left her a thoughtful gift at her house.

After Olivia Mahone lost her mom earlier this year.

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The year has been a bit rubbish.

Her mom passed in June this year.

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After battling with high-grade uterine sarcoma cancer.

Olivia, her siblings, and her dad had fundraised for treatment.

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But sadly, she passed aged forty-six.

Luckily, for the eighteen-year-old she has a great group of friends.

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Who have helped her get through everything.

One evening when Olivia returned home from work.

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She was greeted by a card and gift box.

The gift was left by her close 8 friends.

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Who had done the most thoughtful thing for her.

Inside the gift box, her friends had left keys to their doors.

So that she always has somewhere to go if she needs to.

The keys were from her friends, Izzy, Emylia, Anna, Charlotte, Mia, Bella, Maya and Morgan.

They also included a silver guardian angel pin.

With the gift box, her friends wrote Olivia a card.

‘We know that things haven’t got any easier for you lately. We want you to know that we will always be here for you, any time day or night.'

‘Our doors are always open for you (hence the keys). You mean the world to us and we will always promise to try our hardest to make life that little bit easier for you. We love you always.’

Signed from Izzy, Emylia, Anna, Charlotte, Mia, Bella, Maya and Morgan.

Once Olivia had opened her gift she soon posted it online.

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And they quickly went viral.

On Twitter, Olivia wrote: 'What did I do right to deserve such amazing friends?'

‘This being at the front door for me coming home from work has got me very emotional, to say the least. ‘My friends all have hearts of gold and I would be lost without them. Tears rolling at this.'

What a thoughtful thing to do.

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Looks like Olivia has some friends she could be friends with for a long time.