‘Racist’ ‘Friends’ Joke Causes Scene To Be Cut From TV

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A “disgustingly racist” joke that was made on an episode of Friends has resulted in the scene being cut from TV recently.

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It turns out that the beloved sitcom Friends isn’t as funny as it seems…

And one particular scene has been removed from New York television for being “disgustingly racist.” But firstly, let’s start from the beginning…

Friends is arguably one of the most successful sitcoms of all time.

We were first introduced to the Friends gang back in 1994, when Ross (David Schwimmer), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Chandler (Matthew Perry), Monica, (Courteney Cox), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) burst onto our screens.

It was an instant hit…

Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, the comedy follows the friends, who live in the same New York apartment block, as they together navigate through the turbulent years of their late twenties.

And we grew to become incredibly attached to these characters…

The show truly made us feel like a member of the Friends gang, even when we were conflicted over whether or not Ross and Rachel really were on a break… FYI, they totally were on a break.

And we watched through our tears as the gang said their final goodbyes to the apartment we had all grown to know and love for the past decade.

Monica and Chandler were starting a family, Phoebe was newly married, Rachel had a new job in Paris… As with a lot of friendships, the gang had grown apart and were embarking upon their separate journeys.

Oh, and Rachel got off the plane…

Fans rejoiced as Ross and Rachel finally put their differences aside and got back together.

We have never found out what happened to the gang. Did Rachel and Ross stay together? Would Monica and Chandler ever get divorced? Did Joey ever make it as a big actor?

Apart from the occasional reunion on talk-shows, fans have had their fair share of disappointments when it comes to waiting for a Friends reunion.  

Matt Le Blanc left fans heartbroken last year as he rejected calls for the show to return, saying the sitcom simply “wouldn’t be the same” in an interview with the Mail Online. He added, “People want to know what happened to them. But it was about a finite period in a person’s life after college, before you settle down and start a family.”

Jennifer Aniston finally joined Instagram, and her first post was a selfie of her and the rest of the Friends gang. “And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM,” she captioned the post. Surely this couldn’t mean a reunion… right?!

And finally, the news we had all been waiting for arrived earlier this year…

All of the cast posted on Instagram confirming the news of a reunion.

It doesn’t get more official than that! And even though the un-scripted reunion has been postponed, it is definitely happening.

Because young people are rewatching and have been discovering some rather unnerving things about the popular sitcom.

Overall, the show holds a very old-fashioned perspective…

Whether that’s on sexual orientations or gender roles (Ross’ reaction to lesbians just says it all), there’s no arguing that Friends is a little dated.

It’s all-white cast, of course.

Every single member of the core-cast was white…

And the only people of color were temporary characters who didn’t hold an important role in the show.

Back in January, David Schwimmer revealed he made a “conscious push” for the show to hire more diverse actors.
The Guardian

“I was well aware of the lack of diversity and I campaigned for years to have Ross date women of color,” he continued. “One of the first girlfriends I had on the show was an Asian American woman, and later I dated African American women. That was a very conscious push on my part.”

And more recently, Lisa Kudrow expressed how the cast of Friends would be completely different if it was filmed today.

“Oh it’d be completely different,” Lisa told The Times when asked how the show would look in the present day. “It would not be an all-white cast, for sure. I’m not sure what else, but to me, it should be looked at as a time capsule, not for what they did wrong.”

And many were eager to hear an explanation from the producers of the show themselves.

Right now, the Black Lives Matters movement is bigger than ever following the unjustified death of George Floyd, so Marta felt it was appropriate and respectful to issue an explanation.

Speaking on a 2020 ATX TV From the Couch virtual panel…

Marta became visibly emotional as she admitted she would have made “very different decisions” had the show been made today.

“I wish I knew then what I know today,” she said, before apologizing for welling up.
“Sorry, I just wish I knew then what I know now. I would’ve made very different decisions.”

And a very popular scene from the show has now been removed from New York TV.

And it goes horribly and hilariously wrong?

When talking to the technician, Ross is told there are 3 levels of tan available, and what level he’d prefer. Ross then tells him: “Well, I like how you look, what are you?”    

Seemingly realizing his error, Ross then backtracks quickly and settles on getting a “two” – only for it to then go memorably wrong as he’s sprayed on his front twice after failing to turn around in time.    

And there was clearly a number of complaints made as the episode was quickly edited to not feature the “racist” joke.

The joke is still featured on the episode on streaming giants such as Netflix and HBO.

And racist jokes that are passed off as innocent will no longer be tolerated. Keep scrolling to read about why Cops has been officially been canceled…