Veteran actress, Mary Pat Gleason, has tragically passed away. Mary was known in the industry for her versatility and tributes have been pouring in for her.

Read on to see what people have said...

Mary Pat Gleason is a legend in the entertainment industry.

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Born in Lake City, Minnesota, Gleason began her prolific acting career all the way back in 1982 with a classic soap opera role.

And after falling in love with acting, she moved onto many other projects.

From films to long-running TV series, you name a show and Gleason was probably in it. She was that versatile at her job.

So as you can probably imagine, she was well-loved.

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So the sad news of her death aged seventy came as a shock to some.

Old friends and colleagues poured their hearts out on Twitter.

Beth Hall, an actress and producer wrote: Mary Pat Gleason was in the first episode I ever shot of @cbstweet and I loved every time she returned. I can honestly say that I have never met a person that was ALL goodness and kindness like she was. RIP my dear…"

Mimi Kennedy also posted this heartwarming tribute:

Our hearts ache for her family and friends and the industry too; They have truly lost a wonderful and talented woman.

Kristen Johnson, who also has a role in Mom said this:

We share the pain. She really brought happiness to a lot of people on and off-screen.

Lots of fans also took part in leaving kind messages...

The world has lost a star.

She was just a source of light to many.

From her acting skills to her off-screen personality.

This user also joined in...

He wrote that she always "made him laugh."

Some people were very shocked to hear the news.

But hopefully, she is in a better place now with all of our other favorite actors and actresses that have sadly left us...

One of her most notable roles was as Jane Hogan in The Guiding Light.

That role saw her won her first daytime Emmy as part of the writing team on the show, which also ran for a whopping seventy-two seasons on CBS.

But her career lasted an amazing twenty-eight years and saw her star in some of our favorite shows.

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You remember her in A Cinderella Story, right? The 2004 chick-flick starring Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray was the epitome of teenage love back in the day. Gleason had a role working in the diner where she was helping "Cinderella" stand up against her step-mother.

Or how about when she questioned a witness on the stand in How To Get Away With Murder.

As one of the world's most popular crime series, HTGAWM gave us some very powerful characters, including Gleason, who played a short but impactful role in the courtroom.

And we can't forget about her appearances in these shows, can we?

She appeared in episodes of The Blacklist, American Housewife and Scandal in the last couple of years.

Her final TV appearance was in October 2019...

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Portraying an Alcoholics Anonymous member in the show Mom, Gleason brought dimensions to her character who died of a brain aneurysm during an AA meeting.

Her final movie appearance happened the year previous.

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Gleason had a role in the popular Netflix film Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, where she played a guidance counselor to the main character, Sierra and yet again, that role introduced her to the younger generation.

And if you've never watched any of those, then I guarantee you'll know Gleason from this episode of Friends.

Her role as a nurse at a hospital was one of her most humorous and introduced her to a whole world of new fans who immediately adored her.

But Gleason had been having health complications prior to her passing.

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The veteran had been in a long and grueling battle with cancer which ended up taking her life on June 2nd.

Gleason's manager confirmed the heartbreaking news.

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They told Variety that she was "a fighter until the end."

We hope that she is at peace now.

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RIP to the legend that is Mary Pat Gleason. We will miss you terribly.