The First Full Moon of 2021 Will Occur Later This Month

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This January, we are in for a real treat as there will be a beautiful sight to be seen – and, to make it even better, you’ll be able to see it from your own home!

Keep reading to how you can see it yourself… You’re not going to want to miss this one!

Then you’ll have to look up.

There’s a pretty exciting event happening this year…

And it’s in the sky.

A super-rare “wolf moon” is set to hit our skies…

And it will be pretty hard to miss.

So, what is a wolf moon exactly?

You guessed it – wolves are involved! 

We all know they howl at the moon, right?

And apparently, they do this most often in January.

They do this for primarily social reasons…

And the name stuck.

In fact, every full moon of the year gets a name.

January’s is also known as the Canada Goose Moon, Cold Moon, Freeze Moon, and Frost Exploding Moon.

So when will this first full moon of 2021 be visible?

It’s set to appear at the end of the month.

The night of January 28th, to be precise.

And if the weather’s clear, you should be able to see it without equipment.

But if you’re really into moons?

It could be worth getting your telescope out for this one.

This year, March has the worm moon, and May has the flower moon…

Along with certain bigger and brighter supermoons to look out for.

However, these moons are not significantly bigger, in fact, they are only marginally bigger than a full moon.

Due to this the differences may not be immediately obvious to most observers.

Keep your eyes on the skies…

2021 is truly a year of great moon action.

There are twelve beautiful specimens to look forward to…

Next, we’ve got the Full Snow Moon, will occur on February 27, 2021.

And next up is the Worm Moon, which will rise on March 28, 2021.

April’s Pink Moon will be a supermoon.

That’s coming on April 28th.

The next full moon is another supermoon.

The flower moon will rise on May 26th.

We then have the strawberry moon, the buck moon, and the sturgeon moon.

They’re in June, July and August.

Followed by the harvest moon, hunter moon, and beaver moon.

They’re in September, October and November.

And we’ll finish the year with the cold moon.

That aptly named one comes in December.
What a year!