Video of Fully-Staffed Burger Joint That Pays $20 an Hour Sparks Debate About Labor Shortage

A video of a fully-staffed burger joint paying twenty dollars an hour has sparked a debate about labor shortage, and here’s why…

A mom and former teacher, going by the TikTok handle @missadriennek has sparked a massive debate about labor shortage and wages, after filming at a burger joint in Washington.

The video reached over 776.9k views, igniting a lot of criticism about whether or not $20 an hour is a fair wage.

What a world we live in, to have to debate whether or not a wage is fair or not…

But, anyway, the TikToker shared a video at Dick’s Drive-In in Kent, displaying the amazing value for money at the chain store.

“Everybody in there making $20 an hour, now look at the line,” she began in her video, as she steered her camera in the direction of the queue.

“You want to know why? 2 cheeseburgers, another cheeseburger, 2 orders of fries, a shake, and a float, less than $20, can’t beat it,” she finished.

And like always, when it comes to social media, people had something rather negative to say.

While one person said that you shouldn’t make twenty an hour as a teenager because it’s not a “career”, almost as though he’s the CEO of deciding whether or not a job is valid, or not…

Another person pondered over the hourly wage they were recieving…

And seemingly belittled the work that goes into such a job.

But, missadriennek wasn’t having any of that negativity, fighting back against comments like the ones above, and pointing out just how deserving teenagers are of high pay.

“These kind of comments right here really p*** me off,” she exclaimed, responding to the comment.

“It’s time. We are paying for people’s time,” she continued on, “You deserve $20 an hour, you’re worth that. Your government says you’re only worth $7.25. That’s insulting, you’re worth way more than that.

“Life isn’t meant to be enjoyed only by the rich, peace.”

We’ve got to say, we’re a big fan of this perspective! Are you?