The Funniest Responses To The 'Florida Man' Challenge | 22 Words

Florida is one of those places that truly does offer something for everyone. If you're from the cold, gray Midwest like me, it can be a tropical retreat filled with sandy beaches, glittering waters, and a much-needed dose of Vitamin D. If you're a theme park junkie, it offers a variety of options ranging from four Disney parks to two Universal parks as well as SeaWorld Orlando and a plethora of water parks. But mixed in with all that magic is something that the internet has been quietly taking note of for a while now: A whole lot of crazy Flordia people.

So when a new online trend starting involving googling "Florida Man" followed by your birth month and day, the results were nothing short of spectacular. I've compiled the 30 best results from this hilarious challenge, so allow yourself to sit back, relax, and enjoy theΒ ridiculousness that is Florida Man.

This chilling threat

This one brings up so many unanswered questions. What Coldplay lyrics are menacing enough to be used as a threat? And did he actually get his pizza? Or was it just a police tactic?

This clever trickery

Hey, at least the guy was being honest, right? It's not his fault that everyone misunderstood his very real murder threat.

This relatable response

Honestly, I get this. Especially in a place like Florida where the average temperature is 800 degrees Fahrenheit with 500% humidity.

This new type of Uber

Here's a lesson to everyone out there: Not having a ride to Hooters does not qualify as a 911-worthy emergency. I don't care how much you love their hot wings.

This sage advice

The fact that a sheriff had to make an official announcement not to do this means that it happened several times. And that pretty much says everything you need to know about Florida.

This delicious attack

Of all the things to be attacked with, hot dogs are pretty low on the list of "most deadly". ...although, that depends on how old those gas station weiners were.

This unlicensed teacher

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that most parents would prefer their children not learn how babies are made from a man with face tattoos. But maybe that's just my own personal preference.

This hungry burglar

Sometimes, when the ramen craving strikes, you just have to go for it. Even if that means breaking and entering.

This poor, poor lizard

Leave this lizard alone! I'm sure he wanted no part in this crazy man's behavior.

This cheesy weapon

I'm guessing the victim in this case egged his roommate on to the point where he smashed a piece of pizza in his face, thus gaining more pizza in the process. Brilliant!

This unsurprising outcome

First of all, don't do this. Secondly, how does a microwave even fit inside a microwave? Thirdly...WHY?!

This illegal maneuver

If giving someone a 'wet willy' is illegal, then I've been risking arrest since age 10. My older brother can confirm this.

This effective method

Sure, this is probably a good way to get someone to fight you. But it's also a great way to get yourself shot.

This quick turnaround

Well, that was quick. At least he probably got a free ride back to jail in a cop car.

This responsible driver

If you see something, say something. Even if you see yourself doing something.

This interesting breakfast spot

Look, a good brunch place is hard to find. This guy was clearly just fed up with the two-hour waits at his local pancake house and took matters into his own hands.

This all-natural gardener

I can't say I'm surprised that his neighbors had this response. I'm really hoping he uses all organic gardening supplies, since the use of harsh chemicals while nude seems like a recipe for disaster.

This total lightweight

Truth be told, this would probably be my reaction to a single beer, but I'm not a heavy drinker. Something tells me he chased this "one beer" with a whole lot of meth.

This eggroll fanatic

How did this guy know that this woman was making eggrolls in her house? Could he smell them from the street? Can we really blame him for wanting to get to those delicious-smelling eggrolls?

This strange scheme

Is it just me, or does this sound like an exact plot from a 90's movie? This guy must have had some amazing skin to be able to pull this off.

This legendary getaway

Notice the Twitter user on this one. That's right. Even John Legend participated in the 'Florida Man' challenge. And his result is pretty spectacular.

This cruel sentence

What could this man possibly have done to deserve such a cruel and unusual punishment?! The horror!

This rabid rodent

I greatly appreciate the pun used in this headline. I'd also love to know how one goes about raising an "attack squirrel".

These killer dance moves

Those pesky vampires! Their dastardly plan was probably just to humiliating this poor, heroic man.

This confusing tactic

....wait, what?

This disgruntled customer

This has to be the most "Florida" thing to have ever happened. In fact, fast food workers are probably specifically trained on how to react to this type of situation.

This drinking buddy

Again with the alligators! I'm guessing this little fella is a pretty mean drunk.

This unfortunate gun placement

And he was somehow surprised by this outcome?

This fire hazard

I'm seeing a big 'naked' trend among these Florida Man stories. ...again, I blame the heat.

And lastly, this pièce de résistance

After reading a headline like this, you really only have two options. One, to be overcome with curiosity and demand to know more about what happened here, or two, to just take solace in the fact that learning anything more about it would just ruin it. It's better that it remains a strange, ridiculous mystery forever.