29 Hilarious Photos of Animals Being Funny | 22 Words

Nature can be majestic and full of grace, beauty, and elegance. But sometimes, it is not. Just like humans, animals have bad angles and silly moments. Occasionally, animals are super clumsy and look like they have been through hell, just like people often do. Whether they are little birds or prairie dogs or the lions — that's right, the king of the jungle — all animals have some moments where they feel not so majestic.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards were designed exactly to celebrate those silly moments in nature. Photographers can enter the comedy wildlife photography competition every year. Their motto is "Conservation through competition," which is a fantastic mission to have. It is an upbeat, entertaining photo competition with a mission to help these hilarious creatures be able to thrive and live their best lives for years to come. And let me just tell you, these photos are seriously funny.

These wildlife photos are downright hilarious.

Get your chuckle boots on because these funny animal photos are going to make your day. Also, I have no idea what chuckle boots are, but you should find a pair.

Polar snooze

There is perhaps no animal that I relate more closely to than the bear. They are always tired and silly, and I am also those things.


"Oh wait, I'm on camera? Hold on. Let me turn to my good side. OK, you ready for the most gorgeous smile you've ever seen?"

Just wait a second!

"Hold on, now. I see you have found my stash of nuts. Let's not do anything rash, now. We wouldn't want those nuts to fall out of this tree."

Long day

I know, baby seal. This is how I feel about the state of the world, too. This little guy must have just opened Twitter.

Lord have mercy

This is the face of a parent whose daughter decided to go into banana art making rather than something practical, like grooming.


This bird is very serious about this dance he's in the middle of. If this was his number on America's Got Talent, he'd totally make it through to the live shows.

Silly moose

Hey, you are beautiful just the way you are, but just in case you're interested, I know of a great dentist. He could take care of that for you no problem.

Yoga duck

OK, not only is this little duckling extremely flexible but look at the little smile on his face! He has clearly found his calling.


"And you know, Barbara doesn't even carry her little one on her back anymore. Whoops. I've said too much. You didn't hear it from me."

Ugh, come on

"I have given so many interviews at this point. I don't know what else to tell you. Yes, the turtle won the race. I don't know what happened out there."


Hey, little owl buddy! You have wings! You can fly. Use them! This pic was the 2017 contest winner, for obvious reasons.

Happy mouse

Have you ever seen a more joyful rodent? I would like this blown up poster-size and hung on my bedroom wall.

In trouble

This little lion cub is learning a very valuable lesson: Don't mess with mama or you'll end up pinned against a tree.


This is what we call a meerkat timeout. If you have too much energy and you're bouncing all over the place, this is what you get.

Say cheese!

"Oh, heyyy paparazzi! I'm right here! Make sure you get my good angle! I'm a silly tree badger!"

Oh, hi there!

If you're going to sneakily photograph this deer while she's just searching for snacks in the weeds, she's going to stick her tongue out at you. That's just how it goes.

Oh, what is going on here?

I feel like every woman can relate to this picture. The guy's having a pretty great time and she's deadpanning to the camera like Jim Halpert.

Hug that log

This is what a bear (or a human woman pushing 30 years old) looks like after a long day of work and not enough snacks.

Silly hippo

Hippos are the silliest, most adorable animals that could also murder you in an instant and will if they get the chance.

You rang?

"Yeah, I'm here. What, do you need something? No, I was just, uh, I was just, uh, having a little lunch."

Best friends 'til the end

I love unlikely animal best friends, and this little bird and deer pair are too much. They kind of look alike, don't they?


"So then the penguin says, 'Nice to meat you!'" "AHHHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Anyway, that's what I think is happening in this photo.


Otters are too cute. No, like, I'm serious. We don't deserve them. Look at this little guy. He's so excited to be floating on his back.

Shadow yak

Ugh, the sun and her unrealistic beauty standards...The last thing we need is yaks with body image issues.


Didn't mean to bother you. Go ahead with your grass collecting. I just wanted to say, "Hi." You look very busy, so I'll leave you to it.

Headless penguins

What, you've never seen a penguin yoga class before? Well, now you know that it looks exactly as ridiculous as you imagined it would.

Big guy

I imagine he's mid-singing, "I am the king of the jungle!" in the most theatrical voice. He looks quite fabulous if I do say so myself.

Lovely duet

"Cuz baby there ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you, babe."

Karate kangaroo

"And if he comes at me from behind, it's BOOM! Gotcha." Share this with a wildlife lover in your life!