Furious ‘Karen’ Screams at Woman for Flashing Her Sports Bra While Hanging From Bars in Park

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Once again, a “Karen” has taken it upon herself to voice her opinion that no one asked for…

The Karen in question has been filmed reacting to a woman at a playground in Las Vegas…

Who was hanging upside down on a set of monkey bars when her shirt bunched up revealing her sports bar.

This clearly upset her, as she made it her mission to inform the woman that what she was doing was unacceptable.

​Forty-three-year-old Getti Kehayova, who is a world-record-winning hula hooper, was practicing her moves when the unprovoked attack took place.

Out of nowhere the stranger came up to Kehayova and began shouting, describing the way she was dressed as “so obscene.”

The “Karen” went on, yelling: “Everyone around here can see that you’re half-naked.”

However, as the clip shows, Kehayova was wearing shorts, a sports top, and a sports bra, pretty standard for a park, right?

Clearly not, as she went on to say: “I can’t believe you’re doing this in our neighborhood park,” referring to Kehayova’s midriff that was on show while she was hanging upside down filming a TikTok.

Once she was finished confronting Kehayova, the woman got aggressive, snatching the hula hoop off her in a fit of rage and slamming it on the ground.

After filming the whole ordeal and posting it on TikTok it quickly went viral before Kehayova made it private. It has now been shared on social media and the woman has understandably been dubbed a “Karen.”
Oh, Karen. Just stop it.