Former WWE Star Gabbi Tuft Announces She Is Transgender | 22 Words

Gabbi Tuft has recently announced that she is transgender and uses the pronouns she/her.

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The news comes after the former WWE star revealed the revelation via an official press release.

But for months prior, she has been sharing the journey of her transition with her social media followers.

And it really has been one hell of a journey to get here but she emphasized just how happy she is with her decision.

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Now, you may all know Gabbi from the character she played during her wrestling career.

In the WWE, she went by the ring name "Tyler Reks," and appeared on multiple shows across the network including Raw, Smackdown, and even the ultimate pay-per-view, Wrestlemania.

Her career started all the way back in 2007, where she was trained up by Mike Bell to become an in-ring performer.

​And her accolades are pretty impressive despite not getting a massive push by the creators. She still managed to secure an FCW Championship, and FCW tag-team champion twice (once with John Morrison, and another time with Curtis Axel.)

Some of her friends from the wrestling world have even shared words of kindness for her.

And of course, fans were just glad that she had a good circle of people around her during this emotional time.

They also poured their hearts out to her...

But Gabbi is also a woman of many talents, not just wrestling.

She also has a degree in civil engineering with a major in hydrology and structural engineering. However, ever since she retired from the squared-circle, she decided to start a career in marketing.

She is married and shares a daughter with her current wife, Priscilla.

They have been married since 2002 and both of them have been extremely supportive of her decision to transition.

We know this because she has been documenting the journey on her Instagram account in a series of pictures.

Even though she was dropping hints for a long time now, the countdown to her transition reveal all started with this one, where she was holding the Queen of Clubs card.

​In the caption, she tagged the location as "Closer Than Ever" and wrote this:

​"Our true essence resides not on the surface but deep within. How a person presents on the outside is a form of art. It is the ultimate expression of their vibrational energy and it is ever-changing and ever-evolving to represent the emotions of the soul."

She also added this:

"Are you willing to look past the outer shell? To open your mind and your heart? Stay with me..."

And then a series of other pictures followed.

Here's "6 days remaining" where she discussed the topic of indulgement.

She revealed that she always struggled to put on weight... But things have changed.

"Now that I'm going the opposite direction with weight, and for the first time ever in my life, I have an understanding of food addiction. I've set myself back 8-10lbs at a time in a single day by binging for hours on everything in sight, only to experience massive depression and regret once the serotonin from the food wore off."

And then, with "4 days remaining," she discussed her friends.

"True friends only see your soul," she wrote. "As of VERY recently, I owe my life and my ability to freely be my authentic self to a small handful of people."

And this also includes her family, who she described as a "gift."

​She shared a beautiful little anecdote in the caption and it really emphasizes just how tough her overall journey in life has been so far.

​"When I had open-heart surgery in 2019, I spent what could have possibly been my last night on this earth cuddled up in the same bed as my wife and daughter."

"I didn't sleep but maybe an hour. I spent my potential last moments simply memorizing every hair on Mia's head, the shape of her face, and the sound of her breathing. I knew that things would be different if I survived the next day. I swore I would change and slow down."

​She emphasized how important it was to appreciate every little moment.

"It was revealed to me that the time we have here is not only limited, but fleeting. The moments that we are so quick to brush off and foolishly think aren't a big deal at the time, each have the potential to be the most profound...and we make the choice time and time again to miss out."

Truly beautiful.

And if you thought that was emotional, her next post will absolutely shatter your heart.

She dedicated it to her wife, who has supported her throughout her journey.

"There are lovers, there are soul mates, and then there are twin flames. Twin flames have a soul connection, they have different bodies and one soul. I am beyond certain that Priscilla and I share this incredible bond."

"We got it right this time. All we had to do was open our hands..."

She finished off the post with this one line: "I love you P, until my dying breath...and then I will find you again."

And here's the final post from Gabbi's journey, the first post of her new life.

The forty-two-year-old posted this final photograph, holding the Ace of Hearts and also revealing her new look and we must say, she looks great!

We're so happy that she was brave enough to let us see her as her true self.


Her pronouns are she/her and she goes by the name Gabbi Tuft.

Watch the full interview she did with Extra TV to get to know her a little better:

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