Missing Influencer Gabby Petito’s Mom Shares Her Final Text Message

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On September 11th, influencer Gabby Petitio’s mother reported her missing to the police after not hearing from her while on a road trip with her fiance. Now she’s revealed the mysterious last text she received from her twenty-two-year-old daughter’s phone, which she isn’t convinced was sent by Gabby…

Petito has not been in touch with her family since late August when she and her fiance Brian Laundrie, were in Wyoming.

Laundrie returned to Florida on September 1st, without Petito.
He’s now been named as a person of interest in the case by the authorities.

The pair had been documenting their travels on social media.

“We are pleading with anyone, including Brian, to share information with us on her whereabouts in the past few weeks,” said North Port police chief Todd Garrison, as per the BBC. “The lack of information from Brian is hindering this investigation. The answers will eventually come out.”

Police had been called regarding an incident between the couple two weeks before Petito’s disappearance.

The van the pair had been sharing has been seized and searched for clues.
“Brian is also refusing to explain why he left Gabby all alone and drove her van to Florida. These are critical questions that require immediate answers,” the Petito family said in a statement.

And people have been sending their thoughts and prayers to Gabby’s family.

Now Petito’s mom has revealed the final text she received from her missing daughter.

‚ÄčNichole Schmidt said she received a message from her daughter’s phone on August 30th reading “No service in Yosemite.”
However, Schmidt does not believe this text was actually written by Petito. “The van was in Florida on the 1st [of September]. I think I can do the math,” she explained to the New York Post.

Schmidt refused to comment on who she did believe had sent the message.

“I can’t even imagine what she is going through. Prayers for her and her family!!” wrote one Facebook commenter.
We hope Petito is found soon.