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Winter is coming! In fact, it has been coming for many years now. I think, actually, it might already be here, now that there is like, an ice dragon and everything. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you know that this story has one of the most intricate, detailed worlds ever written. These characters have become an indelible part of TV history. There is no doubt they will live on for years to come.

And part of the reason they will live on is that people love getting Game of Thrones tattoos. There are so many amazing characters and scenes and quotes and dragons to choose from. Fans of the show are rabid and devoted like none other, so naturally, the tattoos they get demonstrate that loyalty. The tattoos from the show in this gallery are just as detailed and incredible as the show itself.

Winter is coming!

That means there might not be much more time with the warm weather to show off these gorgeous tattoos. Better show them off before it's too cold!

Recently, the Mother of Dragons herself, Emilia Clarke, shared her new tattoo in honor of the biggest job of her life.

Now, she is the Mother of Dragons for life! Her new tattoo inspired me to search for some other amazing Game of Thrones tattoos, and boy, the Internet delivered.


This dragon is a little bigger than the ones on Emilia Clarke's wrist. But it looks so incredible flying up this person's spine!

Speaking of dragons...

Here they are with their mother and queen as she ascends to the position of the highest ruler in the land. Ooh, I can't wait for the next season of this show!

Lannister lion

Ah yes, the crest of House Lannister. I really like how the lion seems to be sticking its tongue out, What a Lannister move.

Mother of Dragons

Wow! I love this portrait of a mother and her dragons. It has to be weird for an actor to know that so many people have her face tattooed on their body.

Night King

This sort of looks like one of those cheesy t-shirts with animals on it, only it's the Night King. And I love it.


What a crazy good portrait of Tyrion Lannister. They got that five o'clock shadow on point.

Arya Stark

Arya looking determined and a little hopeful too, which means this must be a still from the earlier seasons of the show.

White Walker

Is this a white walker or is this a portrait of me in the morning before I have had my coffee? I honestly can't tell.

Three-eyed raven

Look at this incredible chest piece! The three-eyed raven knows all, and those dragons in the distance are on their way.

House Stark

Oh man, no family has endured quite as much in Game of Thrones as the poor Starks. But the women of this family are so strong. The North will rise again!

Raven sees all

This is a pretty intense portrait of the three-eyed raven. I can't stop looking at it. It's hypnotizing. I bet that was the point.

Heart tree

Wow, this is majestic. I love nature tattoos, and this one takes it into the Game of Thrones universe. Awesome.


Honestly, Sansa Stark might be the strongest character in the whole show. And Jon Snow came back from the dead, so that's saying a lot.

Not today

This is quite a quote to have tattooed on your body. But it got Arya Stark through, and it will get this person through too.

Winter is here!

I really love this cartoonish Game of Thrones tattoo. It is totally different than the rest of the tattoos on this list.

Three dragons

Every dragon tattoo I have seen is so frickin' cool, but this one is on a different level. It's bonkers good.

Brienne of Tarth

Let's hear it for the best, most badass, and most loyal character on all of Game of Thrones! Brienne is the best.


This tattoo is pretty...intense if you ask me. But it's also really frickin' badass. I will never forget that Game of Thrones moment.


This awesome tattoo is like a ninja throwing star made of dragons. It doesn't get much cooler than this.

Our queen

This stylized portrait of Daenerys is incredible. After all, these characters did start off in books, so you can imagine them any way you want.

Children of the Forest

Oh man, I almost forgot about the Children of the Forest! There are so many incredible parts of this show it's hard to remember all of them.

White Walker King

Do you remember what your reaction was when the whole ice dragon thing happened? I totally flipped out.

Fire and Ice

There is a lot of awesome stuff ahead for the last season of this show. I can't wait until next year. That's way too far away.


One of the things about the Starks that I'm most jealous about is that everyone has their own Direwolf. I have a dog, but he's 25 pounds, way too long, and just isn't that majestic.

Jon Snow

This looks like Jon Snow when he (spoiler alert) just rose from the dead. Honestly, he looks better than I do most mornings.

Dragon skull

Now, this is badass. The Game of Thrones dragons are all so recognizable and cool-looking. Whoever designed them deserves an award.

Tyrion on the throne

Well, this is quite the theory about how the show ends up. Maybe this person read the books and knows how everything ties up.

Valar Morghulis

All men must die. But these tattoos will live forever! Share this with the biggest GoT fan in your life!