'Game of Thrones' Is Just a Live Action 'Shrek' and Here's Proof | 22 Words

We still haven't recovered from the third episode of this season's Game of Thrones; how could we possibly? But, recently, we've been a little distracted by a theory that fans are sharing about the show.

They're convinced that the bloody and violent HBO hit is actually a live-action version of... Shrek.

And they have plenty of evidence!

Turns out, all our favorite characters have "twins" in the animated series. Yes, that includes Arya, Tyrion, Cersei, and Jaime!

Shrek even shares entire scenes and tragic deaths with Game of Thrones, believe it or not.

But the funniest part was GoT's biggest fans' reactions to the theory. Some were quite upset with it, while others couldn't believe that this whole time they were watching Shrek. Someone even proposed the perfect ending for GoT based on this resemblance...

Keep reading to hear more about the uncanny similarities between characters and scenes. There's also a GoT + Shrek trailer that someone has put together to prove just how well these two shows blend together. Scroll to the bottom of the article to see it!

Beware of spoliers!

There's a new theory circling.

People now believe that Game of Thrones is just a live-action version of Shrek, Cosmopolitan reports.

There's even a Twitter account, @Shrekgot, dedicated to the theory.

@Shrekgot takes similar scenes from GoT and Shrek and puts them side by side for comparison.

It's fascinating to see how many similar scenes there are!

After all, GoT is definitely not PG 13 and Shrek definitely doesn't have graphic sex scenes and bloody violence. But when you look at the following evidence, it's hard to deny the theory.

Firstly, both movies feature a "princess" and a "dwarf," Cosmopolitan points out.

If you felt a bit offended by this comparison, you're not alone. GoT fan, Hana Elizabeth Verrier, wrote on Facebook, "this upsets me purely because Sansa and Tyrion are a beautiful couple (if you've seen the latest ep)."

Podrick looks a lot like human Shrek.

And in the words of Twitter-user, GIA, "but damn that podrick payne glow up????????" He sure did glow up.

Prince Charming is Jaime Lannister.

This one was quite obvious from the beginning. Benjamin Lee Seabolt said, "I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this the first time I saw GoT."

Cersei and Jaime versus Rapunzel and Prince Charming.

Except Cersei and Jaime are not just romantically involved. They're siblings too...

Hound or Shrek?

Chantel Breedt believes it’s a no-brainer: "The hound wears it best lol." Stephanie Anastasi Mollie, "Shrek fashion made an impact on GoT."

Arya and Puss in Boots.

Both are adorable, talented, and as Brigette Abela said, "super cool!"

But @shrekgot suggests that Prince Oberyn could be Puss in Boots.

They’re both feisty, brave, and always ready for battle.

Ramsay Bolton and Lord Farquaad.

Both wicked, cunning, and cruel. And they both crave power more than anything else.

Olenna Tyrell might be the fairy godmother.

Olenna Tyrell wanted to save her granddaughter. Fairy godmother wanted to protect her grandson, Prince Charming.

This sulking boy in Shrek looks a lot like Tommen.

Only Tommen is the "good kid," even if quite inexperienced and very dependent on his mother.

Joffrey and Rumpelstiltskin.

Joffrey, on the other hand, is nothing like his younger brother, Tommen. And he loves torturing people.

Tyrion and Donkey.

It makes a lot of sense as, according to BuzzFeed, "neither will ever shut up." But the resemblance ends here because Tyrion is crazy smart.

Both GoT and Shrek also feature dragons.

There’s a similar positive relationship between dragons and humans in both GoT and Shrek (if we consider Shrek to be human).

Both have plenty of scenes that seem to mirror each other.

Like these two! The cunning will always get in trouble with the fair-minded.

This comparison is particularly uncanny.

Hodor and the Gingerbread Man were two kind giants, looking after those they cared about.

This scene doesn't appear in many shows.

Daenerys entered a foreign territory, intending to take over it. Shrek and Donkey did a similar thing.

Riding dragons.

Not every show features humans riding dragons. And not in every show do we also see dragons save humans.

GoT has even got animal sidekicks.

On the show, all Ned Stark’s kids had a loyal wolf to protect them. On Shrek, Donkey is technically a sidekick, even if it’s hard to think of him that way - he's got such a lovely personality.

There are tragic deaths.

This one's the darkest comparison yet. But have you noticed how the frog king just couldn’t seem to die (he did eventually), while Jon Snow also seems to be invincible (he was dead once but came back to life)?

The GoT/Shrek theory has come so far that someone's even put together a trailer for it.

It seems funny at first. But as you keep watching, the Shrek voice-over and GoT scenes seem to blend with each other perfectly.

Considering how skeptical hardcore fans can be, we've wondered what they thought about the new theory.

And their reactions on Facebook and Twitter did not disappoint.

Greg was unhappy with it: "Game of Thrones books started in 1996. Shrek is the thief."

Niamh: "I was half pissed and then was wetting myself when looking at them."

Melissa Danielson: "So true. I can't unsee it."

Alejandro Bello: "No one: "Me: why would I watch Game of Thrones when I can watch Shrek?"

Unitexpariahs: "My favourite part in Game of Thrones the other day was when Ghost got with Rhaegal and they had babies to pay homage to Shrek.

Jackeline Ramirez was on board with the joke: "I don't know why but Shrek and Game of Thrones crossover memes are my favorite."

Daman Rangoola: "Our life is a lie."

Steve Porritt suggested the best ending for GoT: "Alternate Game of Thrones ending... Ghost and Dragon get it on the same way Donkey and Dragon did in Shrek, make 1000's of wolf-dragon (Wagon) babies which go on to destroy the Night King and all of the white walkers." Sounds good to us!


Jon Hook: "Listen, I know there’s a lot of mind-blowing stuff in Game of Thrones but Jamie Lannister actually being Prince Charming from Shrek 2 still shakes me to my core." Us too.

Sarah Schauer: "If Shrek was the King of Winterfell Game of Thrones would’ve ended 3 seasons ago."

Joe Doherty replied to Schauer, quoting, "THIS IS MY SWAMP." Jess also added, "All he would need is an onion moat and he'd be set."