Experts Predict What Gamers’ Hands Will Look Like in the Future

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Experts have created a disturbing 3D model that predicts what gamers’ hands could look like in the future…

It’s enough to make you want to throw your console away forever…

Read on for some serious nightmare fuel…

We are living in the video gaming era.

Over 2 billion people all over the world play video games, with 150 million of those being here in the United States alone.

Granted, video games do carry their advantages.

Studies have found that gaming can be educational, can help to enhance problem-solving skills, coordination, and can improve attention and concentration.

They can even help to improve social skills.

Remarkably, online gaming enables many players to engage in a game simultaneously, so gamers can both make new friends online while strengthening their relationship with existing friends.

But, with the many pros of gaming…

Comes the many cons.

Because, while video games are a fun way to pass a bit of time for most of us…

For others, they can become a harmful habit.

Video gaming addiction is a growing problem in our society.

More and more people, especially children and teenagers, are finding themselves becoming addicted to gaming.

Gaming addiction has even been formally classed as a psychological disorder.

The World Health Organization distinguished addictive gaming from healthy gaming by “impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other interests and daily activities, and continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences.”

And this addiction can carry with it many health consequences.

In the short term, avid gamers may experience disruptions to their sleeping habits, leading to fatigue, sleepiness, or insomnia.

Social skills can be affected, also.

While some online games can improve these social skills, gamers are known for isolating themselves away from other people for hours or, in some extreme cases, days at a time, leading to a decrease in regular social interaction and a potential loss of friends.

But as for the long term affects?

If the addiction is not addressed properly, gamers can suffer from long-term effects such as sleeping disorders and health issues relating to malnourishment and diet.

But now, researchers have come forward with a more worrying long-term prediction.

As a consequence of constant gaming, a person could potentially go through some pretty alarming physical changes, too.

And, to warn gamers of these potential changes…

Experts have predicted what hands will look like in the future.

And people have shared their thoughts…

SlotsWise has teamed up with Scientific experts to create a 3D model of what hands will look like if we stick to the gaming habit.

They predict that both the index and middle finger will extend to extreme lengths…

Allowing gamers to access buttons on the back and top of controllers.

As well as this, experts say that the little and ring finger will shrink to allow a better grip of the controller. Thumbs will also stretch extremely far and become more muscular, to provide more control over joystick movements.

The UK-based Cornelius Creative Ltd is an agency that develops gaming products…

Managing Director, Simon Cornelius, told SlotsWise: “controllers, as they stand, are ergonomically designed, however, the increased immersive experience of some games require more buttons to play.
“An increase of buttons on the controllers means our fingers, specifically thumb, index and middle are doing more work and must stretch further.”

As a result, Cornelius expects that the changes will allow gamers to perform more effectively.

Research found that professional gamers have a reaction speed of around 100-250ms, and it’s expected to get even quicker over time with these evolved gamer hands.

While it would take thousands of years for our hands to evolve, controllers could change within the next few years!

However, with VR finally starting to take off, maybe we won’t even need controllers to escape reality.

It’s safe to say, these pictures are absolutely terrifying…

And if it doesn’t make you want a break from your console I don’t know what will…

Check out their video below…

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