As the colder weather grips certain parts of the UK, one story has gone viral - and caused a massive internet debate. A garbage man has come under fire for kicking a child's snowman - and he's even lost his job in the wake of it ...

Every year, season follows season.

And yet somehow, every year, we seem to be surprised by the change in month - and all that comes with it.

And we're firmly in the colder part of the year.

And with the winter months come many different things.

One is pretty obvious.

But with all that over, there's really only one good thing about winter.

Snow, of course!

Shivering is basically a wintertime requirement.

There's a lot to like about snowy weather.

But there's one thing that stands out.

Snowy weather makes everyone happy.

It's just an exciting time!

You can enjoy a snowball fight ...

It's the perfect time to embrace your inner child.

But the best thing of all?

It has to be building a snowman, right?

But one story of a snowman has gone viral this week.

For all the wrong reasons.

A garbageman in the UK was caught on CCTV destroying a child's snowman.

And the internet doesn't know what to think ...

Mum Sophie Taylor, 25, claimed she found the incident "shocking."

‚ÄčThe footage captured in Hereford, UK, showed the man repeatedly kicking the snowman.

"We are aware of this incident and are disappointed that an individual representing the council would behave in such a manner," the council has stated.

"The employee was a member of agency staff working on behalf of one of the council's contractors, and he has been informed that he will not be used again."

"Information has also been circulated to all agency employees outlining the professional standards they are expected to uphold when representing a Herefordshire Council contractor."

What do you think? Does the punishment fit the crime here?