Guy Refuses to Share His College Fund After His Grandparents Cut off His Gay Brother for Coming Out

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A man has been left feeling guilty after his younger brother was cut off by their homophobic parents. With a young son and a growing list of responsibilities, he is unsure if he’s a bad person for not helping him out…

It can sometimes feel like we’ve made massive steps within the LGBTQ+ community…

With many people feeling like a large majority of the world is accepting.

We can sometimes forget that the world is still a dangerous place for LGBTQ+ people.

And it can be quite jarring to know homophobia still exists and is very present within society.

Despite the US taking massive steps…

With the legalization of gay marriage in 2015 and President Joe Biden retracting Trumps’ transphobic bills, we can be misled to think that everyone is okay with the community.

But that isn’t the case, as whilst there are over 14 million people in the US who identify with the LGBTQ+ community, there is still a large proportion of people who don’t agree with the lifestyle.

According to the New York Times, states like Texas have signed bills allowing child welfare groups to refuse adoptions that contradict their “sincerely held religious beliefs.” In short, they can reject an adoptee if they are gay.

And whilst places like New York and California have laws protecting their LGBTQ+ citizens, there are places like Mississippi, Kansas, and South Dakota that don’t. ‚Äč

So overall, there are still people who believe homosexuality is wrong.

Take Redditor caughtin_thisnow‘s grandparents for example. They are incredibly homophobic.

His brother just happens to be gay, and is struggling with the hate he is getting from his grandparents.

So he took to Reddit to ask if he was a bad person for not sharing his college fund.

“My brother (18M) recently came out as gay and my grandparents, who are homophobic af like they don’t even hide it, didn’t take it well. My parents obviously support him coming out but my grandparents have cut him off financially.”

“See for all of us, my grandparents set aside separate college funds over the years. We don’t necessarily have to use it for school which was my case.”

The man is 27, and, after having a child in his second year of college, has decided to do an apprenticeship and save the money for his son.

He is using his grandparent’s money for his son, instead of college.

“My girlfriend and I are managing well working full time. We don’t touch that money at all unless it’s for him. Also incase there’s like a medical emergency or we don’t have the money to care for him, and a little something for him to use for himself once he’s older.”

The man’s gay brother has since been cut off and has come to the OP for help.

“My brother knows I still have this money and he’s asking me to help invest in his future since it was always a given that our grandparents would pay for his college.”

Their parents are supportive but won’t help him financially…

“Our parents are well off financially so he wouldn’t receive much in terms of financial aid, but they don’t want to cover for college tuition because he’s ‘an adult now.’ My sister already graduated and used what was left over of the money to put a down payment on a house.”

“I’m really his only option and he’s desperate. Because I’m refusing my brother is calling me a traitor and it’s not fair for him to be cut off like this just because he’s gay. And I agree.”

“Nobody’s happy with my grandparents but we’re using this money for our son. He said he needs it now and I’m being completely selfish keeping this money to myself.”

Well, Redditors agreed that the man was not at fault for wanting to keep the money.