One woman has shaken the internet with her new design for a pack of playing cards with the aim of gender neutrality.

After unveiling the design, she was met with a huge response. Keep scrolling to take a look...

Now, of course, we're living in the era of gender fluidity.


Long gone are the days where there were simply 2 genders - Now, people can identify with up to one-hundred different genders or no gender at all.

More and more people are identifying as gender neutral...


Or "non-binary," in other terms.

Just to break it down for you...

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People use the term “non-binary" to describe genders that don’t fall into 1 of the 2 more traditional categories of male or female.

It can be a confusing concept to get your head around...

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While some non-binary individuals identify as either having a gender that is in-between the 2 categories 'man' and 'woman,' others can fluctuate, or have no gender, either permanently or some of the time.

But how far is too far?

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While people are completely free to identify how they wish, there are some who take the whole gender argument a little further than others.

Take gender slamming fictional characters, for example.

Yep, some people choose to take offense over the gender assumption of made-up characters. You know, the ones that are not real, or do not have a valid, real-life opinion on gender?

Well, one woman has done just that.

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And people on the internet were not happy about it.

She's decided there shouldn't be genders in playing cards.

And people had a lot to say ...

Indy Mellink designed to cards to rid the game of gender and race.


"Why should the King have a higher position than the Queen?" she asked.

"Why should the King, Queen, and Jack be white?"


"However, rather than complicating the sex and race inequality debate even more, we decided to remove the gender and race factor as a whole and to introduce a common, universally-known ranking system."

"All the other cards in the deck are the same as usual."


"This card pack was designed with the passion to fight for equality in gender as well as race."

"Our goal is for everyone to feel comfortable while playing cards."


What do you think? If you're interested, you can buy them here!

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