A mom's heartwarming actions have gone viral recently after she threw a "gender reveal" party for her 6-year-old transgender daughter.

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The heartwarming story has emerged of a mom throwing a "gender reveal" party for her transgender daughter...

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And it is the most beautiful thing to watch!

What exactly is "gender dysphoria?"

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Gender dysphoria involves a conflict between a person's sex and the gender with which he or she identifies with. People with gender dysphoria experience high levels of discomfort with their own bodies, and they often report feeling as if it isn't their own.

It is more commonly known as being "transgender."

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People who are transgender more than often realize that they are from a very young age - children are able to experience gender dysphoria and this is when the majority of trans people realize this conflict.

It is a heartbreaking reality that many trans children face rejection from their families.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, studies have shown that familial rejection can lead to the LGBTQ+ youth engaging in behaviors and activities that endanger their health, trigger depression, and other mental health issues, and, in some extreme cases, can lead to homelessness and suicide.

Family support is one of the most important things for a child coming out as trans.

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Child welfare expert, Caitlin Ryan, stated that “family acceptance predicts greater self-esteem, social support, and general health status," for LGBTQ+ youth. “It also protects against depression, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation and behaviors - issues for which transgender youth are at disproportionate risk."

A transgender child needs love and support.

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Parents must respect the wishes of their child by doing simple things such as using the child's preferred gender pronoun and name, reassuring them about the love and support that they will continue to receive, and, most importantly, educating themselves about issues surrounding the trans community.

Coming out as transgender and beginning the transition will never be easy...

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Despite this being what a person desires, the first few steps into transition are never easy, especially for a child. Enduring taunting in the school corridors from their peers who are too nieve to understand the situation is a sad reality for many trans children.

Thankfully, the LGBTQ+ community is bigger than ever today.

There are countless organizations around the world that work hard together purely to support people, especially children, of the transgender community.

Families around the world are now more accepting than ever...

And one mom recently did the most adorable thing to support her transgender daughter.

Zoe Lynn is a mom of two...

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And for the last 6 years, she has raised her children without assigning gender to specific things - such as clothing, cars, and toys.

When her youngest child, Colton, was 2-years-old, they asked to wear a princess dress...

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"Without blinking it was in the shopping cart," Zoe wrote in a Facebook post. "Their bedroom was half cars and half baby dolls and princesses. They liked singing and performing so we signed them up for musical theatre and when the teacher said 'oh the boy costumes are over here!' They didn’t flinch, pointed to a purple princess dress, and said 'that’s ok I want that one!'"

Zoe didn't think much of this behavior at first...

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"I don’t believe clothes or colors or toys have genders. Cory [my husband] and I have always made that clear and kept all the choices open," she then said.

But Zoe and Cory soon had a frightening experience...

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"And then in September, while pulling in the car line to pick up my tiny human Cory called me. 'Just so you know, this morning, Colton said ‘my life didn’t turn out the way I planned. I think I should just stab myself in the throat'."

Sadly, suicidal thoughts are common amongst transgender children.

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"I have never felt a worse feeling in my body. How? How can a 5-year-old who doesn’t even know a fraction of what the world is or what life or death is even think like that?" Zoe pondered. "Did we do something?? How do we fix it??? I called the pediatrician, psychologists, friends. I went into panic mom mode from the school parking lot. And then I paused. I pulled up to the school and got my baby in the car."

Zoe sat down with her child and confronted them gently about what they had said.

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"I said, 'Colton - daddy told me something that made me sad. He said your life didn’t turn out the way you planned? What does that mean? What didn’t turn out the way you planned?' He said, 'It’s a secret. I can’t tell you.'" "'Ok. Well, that makes mommy feel worried and I really want to help you if I can. Can you tell me what didn’t turn out the way you planned?' Zoe asked her child."

The then 5-year-old said something that Zoe will never forget.

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Colton said, "I was supposed to be a girl but I’m a boy. So I think I should just stab myself in the throat.

Zoe wasn't prepared to hear this, but she acted on an impulse.

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"We drove thirty minutes to the GAP and we went dress shopping. And the whole way there I told her about how she CAN be a girl," the mom explained. "That people feel the way she does. That we have friends and family that were born and people thought they were one way but they always felt another. And I swear there was a little lightbulb of hope that went off in her brain."

Zoe and Cory started doing their research...

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"We went to Barnes and Noble and bought every book I could find (there were unfortunately only 3) and we read them that night. And a week later sitting on my bed, quietly reading one of the stories to herself she said, 'mom. Thanks so much for teaching me about transgender. It really made me feel like I’m not alone'."

Even though the mom loved to see her child happy, it was still difficult for her.

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"Please don’t get me wrong. I’ve CRIED over this. I fell in love with a baby boy for years and had to let that go. I had to mourn the memories of naming my child and the “boy" things she will probably spend the rest of her life trying to forget," Zoe explained. "I cried because I KNOW that my child’s life is going to be so SO much harder than other kids' lives now. I cried because I know I didn’t understand before and now so many other people who didn’t understand are going to target their lack of understanding at my baby."

Zoe has an incredible support group...

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"But then I stopped crying. Because as much as I feel I’ve struggled, it will be so much harder for her. And while we already have a few people in our lives who are vocally unsupportive - we have an INCREDIBLE, AMAZING group of people that have never made her feel more loved."

This realization is what prompted Zoe to throw her daughter a "gender reveal party."

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"Your choices, as always, are to be KIND, be QUIET, and educate yourself or to LEAVE. Thank you in advance."

"So, as the proud mommy of a 6-year-old girl, I’d like to introduce you to my daughter, Avery."

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The happiness on Avery's face simply says it all, and we wish this family the best of luck with their future. Dwayne Wade's daughter recently revealed she identified as transgender. Scroll on for the details...