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Genius Amazon Products Our Readers Bought This Past

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Online shopping can be tricky. Sure, a product may look good in the photos, but then ends up looking completely different from what you thought you were getting when it arrives. (Anyone who’s dabbled in online dating also knows what I’m talking about.)

Luckily for you, we’ve collected the most popular products that our readers have bought in the last month. From eyebrow serum that stimulates growth to cozy socks that keep your toes toasty all winter long, these are the Amazon products that won’t disappoint.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Sanitize Your Phone In This UV Light Sterilizer Box

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Designed to sanitize your phone, keys, wallet, and more in just a few seconds, this device uses the power of UV light to sterilize your belongings and eliminate germs. Features an advanced safety lock to prevent UV exposure, this box is a practical and soon-t0-be essential household electronic to boost your cleaning game.

This Hand-Painted Keepsake Box Is Sentimental and Functional

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If you love gifting sentimental presents, this hand-painted keepsake box is just what you’re looking for. This resin box has a carving of friends crafted onto the lid and comes with a card for your friend or loved one too. Inside the box is a hidden message of love and friendship, so this is literally full of little surprises.

You Can Leave This Whitening Treatment On All Day

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The Crest Oral-B whitening emulsion works by targeting built-up stains on the surface of your teeth. Simply apply the gel to your teeth using the built-in applicator and notice immediate results on the go.

One reviewer wrote: “I am obsessed! the taste is minty, doesn’t taste horrendous. The effectiveness and ease are wonderful. I saw a difference after one use!”

A Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray Perfect For Travel

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Spending long hours traveling can have a serious impact on your skin, the aircon and heating systems on planes and in cars can wear out your face and leave your skin feeling dry and sensitive. These mini Evian spray bottles are perfect for giving your skin that extra boost of moisture.

One shopper wrote: “I used this stuff for the first time last night after my work out and wow! It was so refreshing and made me feel so nice. I really can’t explain it. I did use clean & clear cleansing wipes beforehand to clean off the sweat, but then I used this spray and it was just so NICE! I’ve added it to my subscribe & save.”

This Itch Relief Ointment Relieves Skin Irritation Using Maximum Strength Hydrocortisone

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This 1% hydrocortisone cream offers relief from itching caused by a variety of skin problems, such as rashes, bites, or stings, while also keeping the area soft and moisturized.

One shopper wrote: “This product arrived right at the beginning of mosquito season, so it was put to work immediately! Like other hydrocortisone products, it is very effective at relieving the itch, which keeps me from scratching and helps various irritations heal.”

Add Warm Light Into Your House With This Touch Controlled Table Lamp

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Looking to make your room feel cozy? This touch-controlled dimmable table lamp is perfect for adding a warm glow to any room. Small in size, this light offers 3 levels of brightness of which can be adjusted with a simple tap on the base of the lamp. This light also offers 2 built-in USB charging ports so that you can charge your devices with ease.

Make Your Garden Apparatus Blend Into Your Home With This Grow Light

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Although appearing to look like a normal funky lamp, this is in fact a 360 degree grow light to help your plants to promote photosynthesis.

One 5-star reviewer wrote: “My succulents and cacti seem to love it. My echeveria seems perky, and my cactus blooms a tiny flower. I should mention these plants are getting partial sunlight in the morning, and rely on the grow light in the afternoons. I have the timer set on 9 hours, starting around 9 am.”

This Trinket Dish for Your Bestie

You might not get to see your besties as much as you’d like, but to show them how important they are to you, this trinket dish is an ideal gift. It’s a small token of your appreciation as well as being a practical place to hold rings and small jewelry. It’s one of those little sentimental things that won’t break your budget.

Charge All Your Devices in One Go With This Desk Lamp

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Practical, functional, and incredibly useful, this table lamp with wireless charging points for your phone, earphones, and watch is the perfect accompaniment to any office desk.

Prevent Your Hair From Blocking The Drain With This Hair Catcher

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Is your hair clogging up your plughole and drain? With this hair catcher, you can prevent that! Designed to fit over your plug, this hair catcher with suction cups catches hair before it enters the drain and causes you a problem. It is super simple to use, just place it over the desired plug while making sure to press down in all four corners. And then, when you wish to remove, simply peel the catcher away.

This Black Wall Mirror Will Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

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Is your bathroom a small space? Try using a mirror like this one to open it up.
Hanging a mirror in your bathroom will not only provide you with the perfect space to get ready, but it will also make the space feel a little bigger. With a classic matte black finish and its sleek curved edges, this mirror will make a statement without being too bold.

These Light Strips Allow You to Bring Your Outdoor Garden Inside

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Perfect for growing indoor garden plants such as succulents, herbs, or bonsai trees, these strip lights provide a similar feel to the natural sunlight making them ideal for those winter months. Easy to install, these strip lights can be placed on the likes of kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, or wall shelves meaning that when they’re turned off, they won’t be noticeable!

This Charm Bracelet Making Kit Is Fun and Sentimental

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Kids aged between eight and 12 will love this charm bracelet-making kit and they can also do it with siblings or friends. It’s DIY fun that lets them create earrings, bracelets, necklace pendants, and more. And the price tag is super affordable.

A Wooden Bathroom Storage Box For Your Toilet Paper

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This wooden toilet paper holder adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor, you can even add a potted plant to the mix to give it a little something extra. Store your solid wooden box on top of the toilet or on a shelf to give the area more space.

One reviewer wrote: “It is a perfect fit on the back of my toilet and has changed the look of the bathroom. Quaint, and is perfect for the French farmhouse look, or a modern look decor. I can’t say enough. Highly recommend.”

This Waffle Knit Shirt Comes With a Twist

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I love these twist shirts since they look interesting while being supremely flattering. This one’s a cozy waffle knit that you’ll live in all fall and winter.

One reviewer wrote: “Casual shirt that goes with just about any pants. Very comfortable, love that long john type material makes it very soft. Have bought several different colors of these shirts due to comfort and fit.”

This Healing Ointment & Spray Pack Moisturizes And Heals Dry Skin

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This moisturizing pack is essential for anyone who suffers from dry, itchy skin. The spray is ideal to be used on your face, ensuring you aren’t left with an oily film. While the cream is perfect for all other areas of the body, easing tightness and helping relieve dry, rough skin prone to itching and discomfort.

This Wireless Charging Table Lamp is Functional Yet Fashionable

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Offering 3 levels of brightness, this lamp allows you to select the appropriate light level for what you’re doing. Reading a book and can’t see? You can simply press the bottom of the lamp to turn up the brightness. This lamp also offers wireless charging meaning your bedside table will no longer be cluttered with phone cables.

This Body Oil Makes Skin Shine

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Not only does this lightweight oil hydrate your body perfectly, but it gives a glow that rivals more expensive body illuminators.

One reviewer wrote: “This is one of my all-time favorite oils. This is a game-changer. I started using this when I was pregnant with my daughter a year and a half ago. It’s hydrating yet not greasy at all. This is a staple in my skincare routine. People will stop you and ask what you are wearing. No joke. 5 bottles later and I’m still loving it. I have recommended this to everyone I know.”

This Olaplex Bond Smoother For Your Hair Protection

This leave-in formula will transform your hair from broken, damaged, and dull, to shiny, thick, and bouncy! And what’s better? It even speeds up blow-drying time! So, no more having a dead arm from drying your hair for hours.

This Egg White Mask For Pores

How do egg whites benefit your skin? By applying this egg mask you will be tightening your skin, and helping close pores, getting rid of any build-up. But not only does it give your skin a radiant glow, but it also gets rid of your dead skin cells, making it much easier to continue on with your skincare routine, seeing proper results!

This Jump Rope Has a Cordless Option

This jump rope is ideal for those who want to lean out and lose weight! It allows you to input your weight, and then you can track how many calories you’ve burned, as well as the time you’ve spent skipping. Oh, and did you know that skipping for just ten minutes is way better than running for thirty?

This Dumbbell For Your Glute Growth and Activation

This dumbbell is ideal for those wanting to grow their glutes, or even just to strengthen them! Whether that’s doing donkey kicks or fire-hydrants, it will give you more support, and add to the intensity of your workout.

This Makeup Brush Cleaner Keeps Your Tools Pristine

Washing your brushes will rid them of any dirt or bacteria that can build up over time, becoming harmful to the health of your skin. And what better way to do it than with this solution? It won’t make your brushes absolutely wet through, enabling you to use them as soon as they’re dry, and it will make sure your skin looks healthy both with and without makeup.

This Eyebrow Conditioning Serum Promotes Growth

With more than 2,000 reviews, this cruelty-free conditioning serum will help revive your eyebrows! It doesn’t matter if it’s because of stress, aging, or over-plucking, this will definitely give you the full brow you deserve. 

And here’s what someone wrote: “I am SHOCKED at how good this worked. I noticed that much of the new hair that was growing in after 2 months was very fine and blonde, so I finally went and had my eyebrow hair tinted. It revealed HOW MUCH HAIR I had grown.”

This Fifteen Pack Of Kitchen Towels is So Classic

The kitchen towel of your dreams, and what’s better? You don’t just pay for 1, you pay for 15 for just $16.99! They’re lightweight and super absorbent, making it quick to dry after you’ve done your dishes, and they’re even machine washable! So, with the long-lasting material of these towels, you can use them over and over again…you’ll never run out!

This Robot Vacuum For Clean Floors

And how about this robot vacuum for cleaner floors all of the time? It’s perfect for those who are always on the go, or just too lazy to clean up themselves! And it connects to your phone too, so you literally don’t have to even move from your bed, and your floors will be clean! How amazing?!

These Anatomical Toe Separators Feel Amazing

These toe separators are ideal for those who keep smudging their pedicures, or those who want to practice yoga on a daily basis! And what’s better? They’re great for strengthening your toes, and even straightening them too!

And with over 3,000 reviews, here’s what one impressed customer wrote:
“Oh my God. I couldn’t believe how soft., comfortable and flexible these are.”
If that doesn’t persuade you, then I don’t know what will…

These Thin No Show Socks Were Made for Sneakers

Want to wear some cute pumps but are struggling to find socks that will match your outfit? Well, have you ever considered wearing no-show socks? Because these 8 pair packs are selling well on Amazon for under $20! And customers are over the moon.

This Mechanical Pencil Set With Case Has People Raving

With over 12,000 raving reviews, this pencil set is too good to pass up! It comes with 4 pencils in 4 different sizes, and it even comes with refills too.

One reviewer wrote: “My pencils came on time and I am delighted. I am using them for drawing basic layouts, sketches, thumbnails, etc. I don’t have to worry about sharpening them every few minutes.”

This Gaming Chair For Ultimate Comfort

At $179.99, this gaming chair is worth every penny, and here’s why:
The insanely beautiful chair comes with a headrest, and lumbar pillow support, so that when you’re on the game for a little longer than you were supposed to be (oops), your back won’t have to pay the price. Oh, and did I mention it massages you while you work or play?!

These Winter Thermal Socks are Oh-So Cozy

Winter is just around the corner, so why not treat your tootsies to these cozy thermal socks? It’s about time you give your feet some loving! And with over 2,000 reviews, there’s really no reason not to buy them.

These Winter Overalls Keep You Warm and Dry

Get Instagram-ready with these overalls for winter! You can pair them with a cute pair of winter boots or wellingtons, and a gorgeous turtle neck sweater, making your winter walks a cozy dream come true! And with over 25,000 reviews, they’re definitely worth the hype.

One reviewer wrote: “These were the best! I wore them on vacation in Alaska this past weekend. The temperature got down to 1 degree and these kept me dry and warm. Definitely worth the buy.”