Genius Gadgets For Everyday Use

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Have you ever purchased an item online that improved your life significantly, and just got the job done 10x faster? Maybe it was an electric toothbrush to use in your night routine or a pressure cooker for the kitchen. Either way, we can understand the impact some of these everyday items have in our lives. So much so that we’ve compiled a list of the best handy gadgets on, for you.

These awesome gadgets are sure to improve your day-to-day. And you might find that they’re just what you need.


We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Hands-Free Soap Dispenser

There has never been a more important time to wash your hands, and with this automatic soap dispenser, it’s a breeze. The automatic sensor from Overstock allows you to go hands-free, and you can fill up the container with any kind of soap you’d like. Say “buh-bye” to germs and bacteria.

A Handheld Massager That’s Not What It Looks Like…

Yep, you heard that right. This handheld massager from Overstock is perfect for anyone who wants to relax. In this day and age, we spend a lot of time typing on keyboards, texting, and overworking our hands. Give them the spa day they deserve with this massager.

A Compact Can Opener

This little guy is a big help in the kitchen. Take it from someone who has struggled opening cans all of their life. The compact opener from Overstock makes kitchen tasks look easy.

This Staple-Free Stapler

Who buys staples anymore? Not me, or anyone else with a “staple-free stapler.” This guy from Overstock will save you time and money on office supplies, while still keeping your pages together and in-tact.

A Secret Key Compartment

These spare key containers are seriously genius. Say goodbye to that old key-under-the-door method, because these secret stashers from Overstock are the way to go. Plus, they come with a strong magnetic case to keep your keys held in tight.

A Culinary Torch For The At-Home Chef

Calling all at-home chefs and self-proclaimed food aficionados! If you find yourself cooking and baking a lot, then this is the tool for you. It will add the perfect touch to any fancy dessert and will most definitely impress your dinner guests. Plus, it’s super affordable on

A Heavy Duty Lemon Squeezer For The Citrus Fanatic

I think a lemon squeezer is something everyone could use in their kitchen. And this hand-held device from Overstock makes it nice and easy for any citrus-squeezing.

A Seat Back Storage Holder

This luxe leather storage bag from Overstock will make you feel like you’re rolling in $$$ while keeping all of your car essentials neat and organized.

A Digital Meat Thermometer That No Longer Leaves You Guessing

If you don’t already have a meat thermometer in your kitchen, then what are you doing? This gadget from Overstock helps keep the guessing out of cooking a meal.

A Convenient Back Seat Console to Hold All of Your Goodies

A car-caddy like this is a must-have item on a road trip! I can’t tell you how important it is to pack snacks when spending a long time in the car – and how important it is to keep everything neat and organized. Super affordable from Overstock.

This Little Pod Is An Avocado-Lover’s Dream

If you’re an avocado lover like me, you understand the importance of keeping these guys ripe. And how fast they can turn unripe over the course of a few days. This pod container from Overstock helps keep your fruit fresh and ripe for your next meal.

This Veggie Peeler Makes Clean-Up a Breeze

Once you’ve used a rotary peeler, you’ll never go back. These tools from Overstock are super-efficient in the kitchen for any type of vegetable that needs to be peeled.

This Super Comfy Seat Cushion

If you spend most of your days sitting in an office chair, then you know the importance of a comfortable seat. This honeycomb seat cushion from Overstock can transform any seat into a throne.

Everyone and Their Mother Needs This Garlic Peeler

It may look a little wacky, but this garlic peeler from Overstock is the REAL DEAL. It will save so much time and effort in the kitchen and save your fingers from smelling like garlic for the rest of the evening.

Spice Up Your Date Night With This Simple Sushi Roller

This roller from Overstock is any sushi lover’s dream. Why go out when you can bring date night inside and learn how to make a perfect sushi roll?

This Headrest Clip For Your Car

Car storage just got a lot easier with these hooks. They clip right onto your headrest and can hold different bags, purses, and any items you need for your ride. They’re pretty affordable from  

This Little Robot Takes The Hassel Out Of Jar Opening

He’s cute and compact and gets the job done. This battery-operated jar opener from Overstock will save you from being the hero in the kitchen and let you loosen your grip.

There’s Nothing Quite Like A Jerky Shooter

Nuff said. This jerky gun from Overstock is quite the gadget. It makes for a handy tool, and a great gift for any jerky fans out there.

A Back And Neck Massager

This gadget is perfect for anyone who spends long hours at a desk, on their feet or on the road. It’s equipped with heating technology for the perfect massage. You can find it on

Bakers Rejoice For This Silicone Bowl Scraper

What’s more satisfying than seeling a clear glass bowl wiped down with a silicone scraper? This is such a handy tool for anyone who bakes or spends a lot of time in the kitchen. And it is super affordable from

This Genius Watermelon Slicer

It may look a little frightening, but this watermelon tool from Overstock gets the job done. It can slice watermelon into perfect portions – what a great summer snag.

This Cell Phone Cup Holder

If you spend a lot of time in your car, then you know lots of clutter, headphones, receipts, etc. can start to pile up. This car cup holder from Overstock keeps everything neat and organized and even has a section for your phone.

A TableTop Hot Tools Stand

This is a tool you may not have known you were looking for. It keeps all of your hot tools and hair accessories upright for easy getting-ready purposes, and can be found on

This Elegan Wine Aerator

For anyone who’s looking to jazz up their wine night, then an aerator is the perfect accessory. Not only does it work as an aerator and a stopper, but it can chill your wine too! This one from Overstock is a great price.

Vacuum Seal Storage Bags For Saving Space

Pillows, sheets, comforters and more can all be stored in a vacuum seal bag like this. These ones from Overstock help to protect your items while saving space at the same time.

Storage Containers For Your Kitchen

Organization fans will love these plastic storage bins. They make kitchen storage fun and satisfying. Find them on Overstock!

A Silicone Egg Ring

This is a product I didn’t know that I needed, but can’t live without. It helps cook the perfect sunny-side-up egg, which makes breakfast so much more fun. Thanks, Overstock. 

A Portable Lumbar Seat Cushion for Car Trips

This lumbar support cushion from Overstock is super handy. It is helpful for long drives and sitting in a desk chair. It would make a great addition to any seat!

Rachel Ray Bench Scraper

Everyone and their mother is baking bread these days, so why not join in? With a bench scraper like this one from Overstock, you can make the perfect bread cuts and feel professional while doing so.

A Emergency Life Hammer

This emergency hammer is a great tool – one that everyone should keep in their car kit for scary situations. You can find this and other great tools on

An Authentic Tortilla Presser

You can make the most of your taco night with this wooden authentic tortilla press from Overstock.

Gel Padded Bike Seat Cover

This 3D bike seat from Overstock is padded with gel and includes breathable holes for an easy and comfortable bike ride.

Nylon Hydration Backpack

This hydration backpack from Overstock includes a 2-liter bladder that you can fill up with water for any long hike or outdoor activity.

Pets Rock Magnets

These magnets from Overstock are super cute! They depict popular music artists in the form of pets.

Magnetic LED Lamp

via : Overstock

This LED magnetic lamp from Overstock is perfect for many situations! Late-night reading, working on a project or to keep in an emergency kit.

Bike Speedometer

via : Overstock

This great tool from Overstock helps to measure speed, time, and the distance you’ve traveled while on your bike.

Hydration Belt Pack

This hydration belt pack from is perfect for any sort of exercise or activity. It comes with a money pouch, water bottle holder, and even a spot for your headphones.

Cooling Sports Towel

You can use this cooling sports towel from Overstock in many different activities. Hot yoga, running, biking or for drying down after a swim.

Stuffed Burger Press

This burger press from Overstock will give a whole new vibe to your barbeques and burger nights.

LED Message Board

This message board is super cool and unique. It glows up in the dark and includes a highlighter pen for all of your notes!

Utility Drawer Organizer

via : Overstock

This genius organizer will make life a lot easier. It comes with 15 pieces, for options on many different versatile storage solutions. You can find it on Overstock!

Furniture Repair Markers

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled out this product in my own home! It is super handy. These furniture repair markers help cover up and knicks and tears, restoring your pieces to look like brand new.

LED Magnifying Glass

Perfect for anyone who likes a little bit of light reading! This magnifying glass from Overstock also has LED lights to brighten up any surface or object you are looking at.

Collapsable Measuring Cups

These are super handy! I keep a set of them in my kitchen drawers and they fit perfectly because of their collapsable nature.

Bamboo Steamer Papers

If you own a steamer, then you know how handy these papers are! They come in a 100-count and will help steam the perfect meal.

Silicone BBQ Brush

A BBQ brush is essential for any sort of outdoor grilling situation.

Garlic Crusher

This garlic crusher from Overstock takes things to the next level! It will save you so much time and effort while cooking.

Bamboo Serving Tongs

These silicone serving tongs from Overstock are made from bamboo and will look great in any kitchen!

Pizza Cutting Scissors

Pizza cutting wheel move aside! There’s a new boss in town. This pizza cutter is next-level.

Stainless Steel Spoon

You can feel like the regal queen of your own home with this stainless steel spoon rest from Overstock.

Collapsible Salad Spinner

This collapsible salad spinner is perfect for any potluck dinner, picnic, or for traveling! It collapses for easy traveling!

Magnetic Turtle Clips

These magnetic turtle clips from Overstock will bring a fun, and hilarious vibe to your fridge.

Star Wars Herb Grinder

What a better way to “spice” up things in the kitchen (no pun intended) than to purchase a Star Wars-themed herb grinder from Overstock.

Wireless Meat Thermometer

Step right into 2030 with this wireless meat thermometer from Overstock. Once you start testing your meat while cooking, you’ll never go back!

Progressive International Butter Keeper Dish

Having a butter dish in your home is an absolute necessity in my opinion. They’re super handy, and perfect to have on hand when you’re cooking. This one from Overstock has various measurements on it for all of your recipe needs.

Stainless Steel Sauce Pot and Basting Brush

I’ve never had a basting brush set before, but this one from Overstock makes me feel like it is the real-deal!

Pancake Batter Dispenser

Okay, so this is something I never knew I needed, but totally want. This will make morning pancakes a breeze. No more messy ladle!

Multi Chopper

via : Overstock

This multi chopper from Overstock has three different interchangeable blades for varying different styles of chopping.

Tasting Spoon

This set of 7 tasting spoons from Overstock also double as spoon-rests in the kitchen.

Cookbook Holder

Another great gadget for the kitchen! I’ve been looking for something like this to house all of my cooking books and this rack from Overstock is perfect.