When you walk into your home, you probably want to feel relaxed, right? Kick your shoes off, make some dinner, and cuddle up on your couch without having to navigate through a cluttered mess.

In an ideal world, you'd have a place for everything and everything in its place.

But people who live in apartments don't always have that luxury.

If you live in an apartment, you know the struggle. You have plenty of stuff that takes up all kinds of space, and it can be super stressful.

Luckily for you, I'm here to give you some ideas for how to save space around your apartment home. Starting with tip No. 1:

1. Storage! Storage Everywhere!

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When buying large-scale furniture, always looks for an option that includes some sort of storage. If it's going to be taking up your precious, limited floor space, you might as well make it work for you.

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Get a slightly higher-than-standard bedframe so you can store a bunch of stuff underneath it. Not only does it provide a place for your things, it also keeps them out of sight, making your whole home less cluttered.

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You can also go super fancy with a lift-up bed like this one. Bonus: You feel like Superman every time you lift the entire bed up. Now for tip No. 2...

2. Opt for Collapsible

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You'd be surprised at the number of gizmos and gadgets that come in collapsible varieties these days. Take this colander, for instance. It's totally functional as a tool for draining your pasta or produce (and also has those genius handles to prop itself up on your sink)...

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...But it also folds completely flat when you're not using it. That means more space in your cupboards, and less time taking everything out to get to the tool you need.
There are even collapsible cooking pots! This one is probably meant more for camping, but there's no reason why you couldn't make it work in your home as well.

This is a collapsible bucket and watering can. I love it when something does double duty (more on that in a minute).

A collapsible crate like this one would be great for shopping trips, picnics, beach days...you know, any time you need a basket. And since it folds flat, it can be stored pretty much anywhere — like under your bed, as we just discussed. And now for tip No. 3...

3. Optimize Vertical Space

Chances are, there's plenty of space in your shelves that's not being used — it's right above the space that is being used. You've probably seen cabinet shelves like this one for stacking your dishes, but you could also use them in your closet, like so:

Bam! Two shelves where before there was only one! And while you're optimizing the space above your stuff, don't forget about the space below them, too:

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These handy drawers can be hung on the bottom of your kitchen cabinets, on your desk or table, or anywhere else there's precious space you're not already using. And while you're optimizing vertical space, here's another tip to keep in mind:

4. Make the Most of Tiny Spaces

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You've probably passed by the space between your fridge and kitchen counter thousands of times without realizing that you've got valuable storage space there. It might be narrow, but it's deep. You could get a slim shelving unit like this one to take advantage of it and clear up more space in your cabinets.

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Same thing goes for the gap between your washer and dryer (if you have one in your apartment). Honestly, any space between two pieces of furniture is a potential spot to stash your stuff. OK, for this next tip, we're going to get a little mathematical...

5. Think in Two Dimensions

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(Yes, I know this is a picture from inside a school. Work with me, here.) Think about it: Paper is flat. But you might be storing your important documents in a filing cabinet or container that takes up floor space! Instead, think about using hanging folders like these ones to store papers on the wall and out of the way. Bonus tip: Hang them on the inside of your closet door so you still have wall space for art or whatever else strikes your fancy. And while you're storing papers 2-dimensionally, take a look for furniture that does the same thing:

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This is a table that also stores against the wall (and functions as art when it's folded up). The more things you can fold up against a wall, the more floor space is left for you to do your thing. Finally, tip No. 6:

6. Look for Furniture That Does Double Duty

The most important takeaway for decorating a small space is this: Guard your floor space and don't let it get eaten up by pointless furniture. You could use a nightstand like the one seen here. It looks nice, and may be exactly what you're looking for. Or...

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Consider placing your dresser next to your bed and having it do double duty as your nightstand. Two functions in one piece of furniture? Yes, please.

A lift-top coffee table is perfect for apartments that don't have space for a separate dining area or office. The top lifts up to regular-table level for you to eat or do work (while also enjoying your comfy couch). Know someone who could be getting more out of their tiny space? Share these tips with them!