Brilliant People Who Have Life Totally Figured Out | 22 Words

Most of us are out here aboard the struggle bus trying to make it through 2018.

But these people. These people are something special.

The 19 geniuses below are living in the future.

No word yet on whether they're time travelers or just super smart, but I would vote for any of these brilliant innovators any day of the week.

Cheese whiz

And that is how you make a cheese toasty in a regular old toaster. You're welcome.

Scooter seat

This takes an untold level of patience, balance, and innovation. #ScooterKid2020

Segway mower

This guy knows what's up. Walking is for dummies and lawn tractors are for sissies.

This kid tho

And that, my friends, is how you charge your phone, watch TV, and nap in an airport all at the same time. The next one will blow your mind...literally.

Powered by a leaf blower

Yes, this kid is powering his longboard with a leaf blower. I just wish he'd slow down enough for me to shake his hand.

Trickle down

My personal favorite part of this picture is his total power pose. He knows he's brilliant, and he's gonna flaunt it!

Person umbrella

This kid knows what's up. Not only are you kept dry with this fun coat, but your personal space bubble is totally intact.

Terrace pool

No word on how safe this is, but it's also not safe to bake in 100-degree temperatures, so we're calling this a victory.

Ear holes

This is such a good idea if you need to wear headphones. Also perfect for people like me with giant ears that stick uncomfortably under hats. The next kid deserves a round of applause.

Costco King

I love everything about this photo. The fact that he's in an easy chair in the middle of Costco just makes it that much better.

Bad bible

Listen, church is all well and good until there's an important sports game on. Or you need to live tweet your church experience, or you need to stay awake during the hymns.

Grassy patch

What a brilliant idea! Now, it's not like he's working at all. Instead, he's ambling through a field of flowers on the way to a picnic.

Come along

I'm not sure why this guy only made it to 2064 and not 3017 because clasping the handle of your rolling suitcase to your backpack strap is next level.

Wine necklace

Clearly, the wisdom needed to correctly handle wine events only comes with age and experience. The next one will have you praising a little kid again!

Banana stand

This kid gets it. I don't know who brought an entire bunch of bananas onto a plane, but good on them.

Cereal bowl

Anything can be a cereal bowl if you try hard enough. Now, all we need is a way not to use a real spoon, and that will be the end of dishes as we know it.


Remember Robocop the movie? Well, it's real life now.

Pool nap

This seems dangerous, but it also seems like Skyler's dad has it all under control. Let's just hope he put sunscreen on his back.

Facebook expert

William Thompson has figured it out. Share this with someone who could use some inspiration!