George Clooney Praises Chrissy Teigen for Taking on Her Trolls

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Chrissy Teigen is known for having to deal with a high number of trolls on a daily basis, and now, George Clooney has admitted he finds Teigen’s responses deeply entertaining!

Read on to see what the Hollywood legend had to say…

And so many people love her for this incredible attitude.

And the pair have a huge public presence.

The pair got together over a decade ago and have gone from strength to strength ever since.

Chrissy first met her husband on the set of his 2007 music video for “Stereo,” where she starred as the singer’s love interest. The model, author, and TV personality later revealed that when the shoot was over, the pair went back to John’s hotel room, ate at In-N-Out, and hooked up. “We did the music video, we were together for like 12 hours,” she told Wendy Williams in 2014. “We spent the entire day together, me in my underwear and him in a full suit, and I went to go say goodbye to him, to his hotel and we didn’t even say goodbye that night.”

The couple took their first trip to Lake Como, Italy – the future site of their wedding and filming location for the music video of the smash hit “All of Me” – in 2007. Apparently, it was on this getaway that Chrissy knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with this man.

But they (legally) got married in an NYC courthouse, a day before traveling to Italy. “We actually got married after going to a couple of Fashion Week shows at Vera Wang, ironically who actually did my dress, but we got married at the courthouse right after,” Chrissy explained to E! News.

Chrissy gave birth to their daughter, Luna Simone Stephens, on April 14, 2016, and son, Miles Theodore Stephens, on May 16, 2018.

And they are a pivotal part of the celebrity scene and their fans lap it up (especially where Chrissy’s relatable social media posts are concerned… let’s be honest, she’s comedy gold).

And it’s Chrissy’s ongoing social media presence which has truly cemented her as an internet favorite.

In fact, she’s pretty much the queen of Twitter.

And there’s no denying that the model keeps things real.

And posts content that so many parents can relate to.

Her devastating experience of losing her third unborn child shocked the world.

And the raw emotions that came from the couple touched so many parents around the world who have tragically experienced losing a child.

But if there’s one thing that she is the best at, it’s blocking out the haters and just not giving a damn.

She certainly isn’t afraid to call people out.

After he expressed his respect for her in a new interview with GQ, the fifty-nine-year-old talks about how he loves to watch the confrontation between Teigen and her trolls.

The actor admitted that he has received his fair share of angry letters throughout his career. “I actually have these stacks of letters and things that my assistant calls George Versus the World.”

Although now he admits he prefers to watch other people, with Chrissy Teigen being the main one.

“Somebody steps into her world and you go, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t do that, dude.’ It’s so much fun. Like somebody who thinks they’re really smart, and you just go, ‘Ugh, dude. You brought a knife to a gunfight.'”

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