George Floyd’s Daughter, 7, Chants ‘Say His Name’ Outside White House on First Anniversary of Dad’s Murder

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George Floyd’s daughter Gianna has captured the hearts of the internet since her father’s death one year ago. Now, on the first anniversary of his death, she’s made yet another incredible statement…

Gianna Floyd is a true inspiration.

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But her latest tribute to her father has the internet feeling emotional.

May 25th, 2021 saw the one-year anniversary of her dad, George Floyd’s, death.

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And the Floyd family was invited to the White House in a tribute.

We all remember the brutal events that led up to this moment.

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And in spite of the guilty verdict we saw for Derek Chauvin on April 20th, the world remains in mourning.

Prosecutors say that Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck contributed to his death…

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While Chauvin’s defense argued that Floyd’s use of illicit drugs and his underlying medical conditions were the key factors.

Despite his defence’s best efforts…

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Things didn’t go in Chauvin’s favor.

Millions from all around the world tuned in to witness the live footage of Judge Peter Cahill reading out Chauvin’s guilty verdict…

And the ex-cop was seen sitting motionlessly and calm as the verdicts were read out.

​The streets erupted with joy as the news broke…

And emotional footage of George Floyd’s family watching from home was shared online, triggering millions of heartfelt messages and responses.

Just moments after the verdict was announced, numerous members of Floyd’s family attended a press conference in which they expressed their relief over Chauvin being found guilty.

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“Today, we are able to breathe again,” one of Floyd’s younger brothers, Philonise, said at the conference, just moments after the verdict was read.
“Justice for George means freedom for all.”

Tears streamed down his face as he likened Floyd to the 1955 Mississippi lynching victim Emmett Till, except that this time there were cameras around to show the world what happened.

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“Say his name!” Floyd’s other relatives chanted as they entered the room with their fist raised, the Washington Post reported.

Floyd’s daughter Gianna was in attendance for the press conference as well…

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And she was seen being carried around by a family member as she paid tribute to her late father.

Now, just one month on, Gianna is making headlines again.

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Following a beautiful tribute to her late father on the anniversary of his death.

On May 25th, the Floyd family was invited to Washington DC in his honor.

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And this included his daughter Gianna, seen here second from the left.

President Joe Biden shared this official statement.

And it’s clear Gianna made quite the impact.

Images of her at the White House went viral quickly.

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Including powerful images of her arrival.

The door being held open for her was a beautiful metaphor.

Showing the potential for future change.

Floyd’s brother Philonise opened up about the meeting, saying, “It was great. [Biden’s] a genuine guy.”

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“They always speak from the heart and it’s a pleasure just to be able to have the chance to meet with him when we have the opportunity to.”

Floyd’s other brother Terrance later told reporters, “Being here today is an honor.”

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“To meet with the president and the vice president and for them to show concern for our family and for them to actually give an ear to our concerns and how we feel [about] the situation.”

“I’m grateful for that.”

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“I think genuinely he wanted to know exactly how we were doing and what he could do to support us.”

The family also met with other Democrat and Republican senators to discuss the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, aimed at ending the use of chokeholds in Floyd’s honor.

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They also discussed police reform and racial profiling in the United States with an audience of politicians.

But perhaps the most powerful moment of the day came from Gianna, now 7.

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According to Sky News, Floyd’s seven-year-old daughter Gianna began the famous chant of “Say his name!”

The rest of the family joined in with Gianna in a beautiful tribute to her late dad.

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Rest in peace to Floyd and all those killed at the hands of police brutality.
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