George Takei has spoken, and he's not very happy.

Remember Takei? Internationally known for his role as Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the fictional starship USS Enterprise?

Well forget about Star Trek because this is all about reality. With Takei saying that those who choose to be unvaccinated should be refused priority care should they end up with covid...

Speaking just days ago, Takei said:

The willfully unvaccinated who wind up in hospitals from Covid should not receive priority medical care over other very sick or injured people who are as much in urgent need of medical care. Anti-vaxxers think they are owning us liberals by refusing to get vaccinated. But as the kids say, this is an epic self-own.

However, Takei's tweet was not met with a chorus of rapturous applause. Instead, he received a fair bit of criticism, mainly down to his 'do or die' approach...

Some also pointed out there's a number of people who are unvaccinated for a variety of reasons ... and instead of calling for them to get left out in the dust, as George suggests, they argue there simply needs to be even more outreach/education on vaccine safety.

Right now, the debate about being vaccinated continues to rage across the world. Even personally, I know of so many people who are both pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine...

According to Hopkins Medicine 'the arrival and distribution of safe, effective COVID-19 vaccines is a major development in the coronavirus pandemic. As more people are vaccinated, families and communities will be able to gradually return to a more normal routine'.

They go onto state:

All three vaccines authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been thoroughly tested and found to be safe and effective in preventing severe COVID-19. They continue to undergo continuous and intense safety monitoring.

At the time of writing, millions and millions of people across the globe have been vaccinated safely. Of course, there are some anomalies, however most people are doing just fine.

So what do you think about Takei's message? Should those who choose to completely avoid the vaccine suffer, should they eventually contract covid?

While you think about your response, know that the battleground and debate around vaccinations continues to brew.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion.