Georgia High School Suspends Two Students for Posting Photos of Crowded Hallways | 22 Words

A high school in Georgia has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons this week, and reactions have been very strong on social media...

Students in certain districts are starting to return to school...

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The move had divided opinion among parents and students.

But one high school has been catapulted into the spotlight this week.

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And not for the best of reasons. Just wait until you see the pictures...

Many wouldn't believe that we're still living through a global pandemic...

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But believe it or not, we still are.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been dominating headlines over the last few weeks...

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Which is exactly what should be happening, of course.

But it seems that many people have forgotten that a global pandemic has seized the entire world...

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And even though numbers of infections are steadily dropping in many countries, our country continues to be the worst affected.

There are currently over 2 million actives cases of the virus here in America.

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It just doesn't seem to be phasing people anymore.

Many individuals seem to be forgetting that the virus is passed on through close contact...

Such as coughing, sneezing, and touching things with your bare hands.

This is why many government officials have stressed the importance of wearing facemasks in public spaces...

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Because even though they can't protect a person fully from catching or spreading the virus, they lower that chance significantly.

In many parts of the world, it is now mandatory to wear a form of facial covering in public...

And New York City is one of those places.

But regardless of this...

The number of coronavirus cases continues to steadily rise, with many parts of the country even tightening lockdown restrictions yet again.

It just seems that many of us aren't learning...

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And more and more lives are being put at risk because of this.

Of course, healthcare workers are continuing to work harder than ever to save lives...

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And that's not just here in America... it's happening all around the world where infection rates continue to climb.

Despite the risks, some schools are opening their doors again.

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Including a high school in Paulding County, Georgia.

North Paulding High School has gone viral this week...

And they are not best pleased with their newfound internet fame.

Students, teachers, and parents at North Paulding High School already had concerns about the school reopening.

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With many admitting they felt the whole thing was being rushed - especially since some staff and students had previously tested positive for the virus.

However, students were told they could face expulsion if they don't attend.

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But, it seems everyone was justified in their concerns...

Upon arriving at the school, students were shocked to see how crowded the hallways were, with hardly anyone wearing masks.

So, one of the teens, fifteen-year-old Hannah Watters, decided to take a snap of the crowds and upload it to social media to highlight the issue. "Not only did they open, but they have not been safe," she said. "Many people are not following CDC guidelines because the county did not make these precautions mandatory."

As several other images emerged from students, the shocking snaps quickly went viral.

"Day two at North Paulding High School. It is just as bad. We were stopped because it was jammed. We are close enough to the point where I got pushed multiple go to the second block. This is not ok. Not to mention the 10% mask rate," Watters wrote alongside her snap, pictured above.

She didn't stop there, either.

To highlight her point further, she made a tally of students wearing masks in her classes.

But, when her school found out about the social media posts...

They were far from happy.

Watters said she was pulled into the school's office around noon on Wednesday.

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There, she was told she had violated the school's code of conduct. "The policies I broke stated that I used my phone in the hallway without permission, used my phone for social media, and posting pictures of minors without consent," she revealed.

The teen says she received a 5-day, out-of-school suspension for posting the photo.

And it appears she's not the only one either.

Another student, who did not want their name used, revealed to Buzzfeed that they were also suspended for posting photos on Twitter.

Watters said: "I think my punishment’s severity was excessive, but I do understand that I violated a code of conduct policy," adding this was her first time being reprimanded by the school. "We have a progressive discipline system. When disciplining me and the other student, they skipped level one and went straight to two."

Michael Tafelski, senior supervising attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s children’s rights project, urged the school to reverse the suspensions straight away.

“Children do not waive their constitutional rights in school, and the district abused its discretion in suspending these students," he said in a statement. "It could not have come at a worst time as families are struggling to cope with the social and economic pressures brought on by the pandemic, including the abrupt school closures in March that disrupted the education of thousands of students."

After seeing all the snaps on social media, people had a lot to say on the matter. 

Reactions came in strong, to say the least. People raised some very good points.

Watters and her family plan to fight the suspension.

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