Georgia Police Officer Shot Dead on First Day of the Job

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A tragic story has just come in from the Alamo Police Department in Georgia, where an officer was killed in his line of duty on his very first day.

Dylan Harrison, twenty-six, died on Saturday October 9th.

He was making his first-ever arrest after observing a traffic violation in a K-Mart parking lot.

He approached the driver and was met with immediate aggression.

The man refused to show any identification and then began pushing Harrison.

13WMAZ reported the man was only subdued through Harrison’s implementation of his taser and was taken to a jail nearby.
But just hours later, tragedy struck.

In the early hours of the morning, he was gunned down outside the department by a known associate of the man he had arrested – forty-three-year-old Damien Anthony Ferguson.

“It is believed that the ambush-style attack on Officer Harrison was retaliation for the incident and arrest of the man,” Georgia Bureau of Investigation said.

“I have never experienced a grief that I have felt since Officer Dylan Harrison’s life was taken in our small, quiet town,” Alamo Police Chief Karen Zanders said. “His life was taken from him for simply doing his job.”

The police have since taken Ferguson into custody without incident.

But there is currently no information on the next steps in the investigation.

Harrison had previously worked as a paramedic and a firefighter, but it was his first day on the job in the police.

Harrison has a wife and a 6-month-old son. If you’ve been touched by their story, you can donate to the family’s GoFundMe to help out this young family who’ve suffered a tragic loss.

Rest in peace.