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Just when we thought we couldn't love Gerard Butler any more, the actor has revealed that he recently marked his fiftieth birthday by releasing sea turtles into the ocean and everyone is saying the same thing.

Simply amazing. Read on for the full story...

Now, we all know and love Gerard Butler for one thing...


And that's just for him being unapologetically himself.

Hailing from Scotland, acting wasn't originally on the cards for the young Gerard Butler.


He studied law at the Univerisity of Glasgow School of Law but on the side, he also studied at the Scottish Youth Theatre.

The death of his father when he was just twenty-two-years-old was a huge hit on Butler...

Which spurred him on to take a gap year and live in California.

During this period, Butler was heavily drinking through his grief and was, as he described himself, "out of control." He was even arrested for alcohol-related disorderly conduct, which ended up being a huge wake-up call for the young man.

He returned to Scotland and completed his final year at law school, resulting in him enrolling as a trainee lawyer at an Edinburgh law firm.

However, at the age of twenty-five, he was fired from his position for his tendencies of staying up late drinking and being late for work.

But Butler's ambitions weren't dampened and he packed up his bags and moved to London to pursue his dream of "being famous."

He had various odd jobs in London until he was cast by actor and director Steven Berkoff in a stage production of Coriolanus.


Butler then went on to have small but significant roles, such as in the 1997 James Bond flick Tomorrow Never Dies and in the 2000 movie, Dracula 2000.

And fast-forward a few years, Butler had firmly cemented himself as a major name in Hollywood...


With him starring in huge blockbuster hits such 300 (2006), P.S I Love You (2007), and Olympus Has Fallen (2013).

In more recent years, the actor has become an iconic figure in action movies...

And he recently starred in the 2019 action thriller, Angel Has Fallen.

But of course, the majority of fans love Butler for one thing...


And that's for him being one of Hollywood's best looking actors.

I mean, just look at him... seriously!

Well, it seems that Butler is just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the out...


Because he recently opened up about how he marked his fiftieth birthday in 2019... and it's honestly the sweetest thing!

Speaking to Total Film Magazine, the actor, who is now fifty-one, opened up about what he did for his fiftieth birthday back in 2019.

"'I'm not a birthday party guy. I've often, on my birthday, at 7 PM, said: 'okay, let's have dinner.' And everybody is told with fifteen minutes to spare," he started by explaining.

"But this time, I actually did a big event in Costa Rica and brought loads of friends down."

"It was very, very powerful. We brought down a lot of spiritual people, a lot of performers," the actor said.

Butler decided to take part in some environmental activities too...


Including releasing sea turtles into the wild.

He said:

"We did a lot of environmental stuff, like releasing sea turtles out into the ocean. It was such a mix of so many things, I'm so glad I did it."

What a lovely way to spend a birthday!


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