Artist Creates Mind-Bending Photo Collages That Will Twist Your Brain

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Feast your eyes on the work of Monica Carvalho, a Swiss artist who turns travel photos into surrealist scenes. Carvalho’s photomontages have been taking Instagram by storm as she turns real life into the stuff of dreams. She uses Photoshop to edit and mix pictures she takes in her travels.

Get ready to see some truly awesome, mind-bending work! And, of course, check out Monica’s Instagram for a look at the full gallery’s worth of art.

Traversing the Grand Canyon has never been so surreal.

Just two pals, enjoying the view!

What a strange path to take!

”I walk a lonely chord…” mofart_photomontages

I didn’t know this was what Eiffel Tower tours were like!

I’ve had this photo of the Eiffel Tour for years, and today I finally found a purpose for it! Keep all the photos you take, you never know. They might be useful for your future work! That’s what I’ve been doing with all my photomontages: recycling photos I’ve taken on holidays, of animals I see, of my friends & family.mofart_photomontages

It’s really hard to get your eyes open in the morning sometimes.

Although, having them zipped shut would be pretty alarming.

The view must be amazing up there!

Weather forecastle mofart_photomontages Next up, among more gorgeous art, the strangest hiking path you’ve ever seen.

This scene would make for an interesting woodland stroll!

The caption for this work is on the tip of my tongue…mofart_photomontages

It looks so real!

That’s one way to get long, flowing hair.

Now this is how you claim a cookie.

Macaron anyone?mofart_photomontages


Turn your phone upside down ?? –mofart_photomontages

Some people can just fall asleep anywhere.

When the bus is taking agesmofart_photomontages Get ready for a lovely cityscape that looks like it’s straight out of Inception on the next page!

That’s one strong bird.

Just keep flapping!

Now that’s a good night’s sleep.

‘Once In A Blue Moon’mofart_photomontages

Now THAT’s surreal.

Um…are we back in Inception? Cool.

Some things have more depth than you’d think!

That looks surprisingly refreshing.

Is she a giant or are the houses just miniature? The world may never know.

‘Back To Square One’mofart_photomontages Next up, photomontages that involve the English countryside, self-portraits, and oatmeal.

Anybody in there?

Called ‘Preheat The Oven’ mofart_photomontages

When you go to eat some oatmeal and get a beach day instead!

This is the result of me one morning dreaming about the beach in Portugal while eating my porridge… –mofart_photomontages

It all looks so serene.

That path will take you to unexpected places!

For the dual sides to every individual.

Do you ever feel like you have two ‘yous’, in a constant fight? The negative ‘you’ who is weak, insecure and withdrawn; the positive ‘you’ who struggles for self-acceptance, happiness, and success.mofart_photomontages

One day I’ll fly away…

Guess you could say the boat is ‘defying gravity.’ These photomontages are absolutely insane! But what if they could also move? The artist makes those, too! Keep reading for multiple moving montages.

Is the tide coming in or going out?

Watch your mouth! mofart_photomontages

Become one with the ocean!

I need more vitamin sea!mofart_photomontages

Adrift in a spoonful of water.

Who knew spoons could be so roomy?

Whoops! I was just trying to get the contact lens out!

Eye got youmofart_photomontages

The trees have eyes…and also hands.

That person looks confused over which path to take. They might have to go out on a limb. Or a finger. On the next page, check out more beautiful photomontages, including one with swanlike grace and one with the proportions of the Empire State Building!

Nevermind, the trees don’t have eyes. They ARE eyes.

Such thick lashes!

What a breathtakingly beautiful nest!

love is the swanswer ♥️-mofart_photomontages

Give adventure a kiss hello.

I think that vista is giving me lip!

Be careful, don’t slip!

If you fall, I’ll be there.mofart_photomontages

It’s a New York state of mind.

Empire state candlemofart_photomontages Do you love surrealism art? Are you a fellow artist? Or maybe you’re just here to see some cool pictures? Either way, share this story and spread the love for this incredible artistic style!