Get Paid to Live on the Greek Island of Syros and Care for 55 Cats

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If you loved animals as a child, your dream job was probably a veterinarian. Now as an adult, dream jobs usually involve traveling of some sort and preferably not actually working. In a dream world, we get paid to travel, and even more so, travel with our cat BFFs.

Well, get ready to put in your two weeks notice at your current job because I think we’ve found the most perfect job in the entire world.

A cat shelter on the island of Syros, right outside of Greece, is hiring for a new position and you won’t believe how perfect it is. You can actually get paid to take care of cats and live your best life on an island. It’s not too good to be true, and you’ll definitely want to hear all of the details because it’s almost perfect, as long as you aren’t allergic to cats.

Your cat obsession is not crazy.

You might be one of those cat people that are beyond obsessed with your pet and let me tell you, you are not crazy.

Let’s do a little check-in.

Before we get to the job, let’s do some prerequisite questions. If you answer ‘yes’ to a few of these, then you might be overqualified for this position.

Do you get emotional when you think of cats?

Not because you’re allergic, but do you tend to get a little watery-eyed when you think about how precious cats are?

Does your social life revolve around cats?

Sometimes you wish you could spend more time with your cat and less time trying to entertain people or going out with friends.

Does most of your money go towards your cat?

You might be spending excessive amounts of money on cat accessories, like adorable outfits and toys that they never actually play with.

Do you talk to your cat on a daily basis?

Your conversations with cats are better than your conversations with people. This is a real thing.

Do you find yourself constantly bringing up your cat?

Even when you’re not with your cat, you’re still talking about your cat. Every conversation eventually ends in you talking about your cat.

Is your phone filled with cat pictures?

You have albums of your cat on your phone and computer and are always ready to show other people.

Are you a cat expert?

You consider yourself the cat expert in all of your friend groups and tend to know the most about cats. You’re somewhat of a cat whisperer.

Did any of that sound familiar?

Did that just describe your life almost perfectly? If so, keep scrolling because we’ve got some great news.

There is such a thing as a perfect job.

Get out your resumes ready because you’re going to want to score an interview for this position.

God’s Little People Cat Rescue has an offer for you.

This no-kill shelter located on the Greek Cycladic island of Syros is a haven for stray cats and for people who love cats.

The position is cat caretaker.

“This is genuine and NOT a joke,” the shelter posted about this seemingly perfect job title.

Basically, you’d be responsible for around 55 cats.

As a caretaker, you’d have to tend to the cats and be responsible for taking any sick or injured cats to a vet.

You will need to be able to love a lot of cats at once.

Requirements? “You’ll need to be able to overview them all and feed and medicate” and your schedule will pretty much revolve around caring for the cats who live at the shelter, as well as any new/feral cats that come around.

You’ll need a heart of gold.

“From experience, the job is most suitable for someone 45+ years of age, who’s responsible, reliable, honest, practically inclined – and really, with a heart of gold!” the job posting explains.

You’ll be pretty secluded, besides the 50+ cats.

If you’re okay with being isolated, you’ll do great. “You’ll no doubt thrive best if you are the type of person who appreciates nature and likes tranquility – and rest comfortably in your own company.”

And this would be your view.

You’d be living in a Greek oasis, with a view of the Aegean Sea and a lush garden surrounding you.

It seems like a dream.

It almost seems surreal to think you’d be waking up every day to this view with lots of adorable cats running around that you get paid to love.

Look at your cute room!

I know you can’t imagine it getting any better, but this is where you’d be staying!

And the house is free!

Your living cost would be covered, even your electricity and water would be included in your stay, plus you still get a salary on the side.

Let’s talk about the details.

This job is intended as a long-term position, but the minimum stay is 6 months, with 2-4 weeks of volunteering before your official first day of work.

It’s technically a part-time job.

You’d spend about 4 hours a day caring for the cats and transporting them to a vet if they need it, so you’ll have lots of time to spend just playing with cats all day.

What about that cash?

Even though it feels like we should be paying this place for allowing others to hang out with cats on a Greek island, this is a real job and does pay whoever does the work.

Details are a little vague at the moment.

Your salary will match the hours you’re working, plus, you’re getting to live for free which is just about a miracle nowadays. They provided a link to get a ballpark number of what a part-time job pays in Greece.

People were flooding the comments.

One photo had over one thousand comments from cat-loving fans who were dying to get the job.

Look at this beautiful creature.

How could you not be interested in this kind of life?!

It’s a dream come true.

Watching cats bathe in the island sun sounds like a fairytale.

This could be your future.

Cat heaven is a real place and apparently, it’s on Syros.

Go tell it on the mountain.

Tag your cat friends and let them know their dream job is waiting for them!