Do you know that one person who seems to have their whole life together? They always have meals prepped perfectly planned for the week ahead. They make a bedtime routine for their kids and then actually stick to it. They remember to floss. Every day. (Just kidding about that last one — surely such a human does not exist.)

Anyway, what if I told you that you could be that person? It might sound unbelievable, but it's not. I've compiled a list of the most helpful organization hacks to help you declutter your home and add some well-deserved order to your life.

Before you know it, you're probably going to be meal planning, bedtime routine-ing, and yes, maybe even flossing on the reg. Get ready to have so much more room for activities in your home! It's about to get super organized, my friend!

A place for everything...

...And everything in its place. That's about to become your new mantra. Now, let's get to it!

Bring in the planters.

I love this idea. You could also use them to store mail, magazines, or snacks!

Use a wine rack to store towels.

You should probably have another wine rack just for wine, though. #Priorities.

Create storage out of nothing.

This is a brilliant example of taking an empty space and transforming it into useful storage. Those wire organizers are super cheap!

Another use for indoor planters:

Use a planter to hold your blow-dryer or hair straightener. Your bathroom counters will look much tidier!

Get one of these storage shelves!

I'm obsessed with these super narrow rolling shelves for the space between your fridge and the wall. Just look at how much they hold!

Keep plastic bags in a coffee can.

Get rid of that giant bag full of other bags that you keep cramming into your pantry. There's a better way!

Remember those wire organizers we mentioned earlier?

They're also the perfect size for storing storage container lids. Since they sit vertically, it's easy to reach whichever one you need.

While you're at it, grab a magazine holder.

Not only can you use it to hold magazines (duh), but you can also mount inside a cupboard and use it to store tin foil and plastic wrap.

Utilize the undersides of your cabinets.

There's a ton of storage space directly beneath your cabinets. Nail jar lids to the underside of your cabinets to store spices, hardware, and more! When you don't need them, just twist them to their lids.

Wrangle those cables!

Don't throw away those toilet paper rolls! You can use them to store cords and cables.

Think vertical!

If your laundry room floor is constantly overtaken by laundry baskets, it might be helpful to build a storage solution like this one. The baskets stack vertically, to take up less room and can be easy to store clean or dirty laundry.

Hide your power strips.

Visible power strips end up ruining a lot of decor styles. Rather than just leaving them out in the open, this idea of storing them in a decorative box is absolutely genius.

Protect the ornaments!

Holiday ornaments are lovely, but they don't stack neatly. Use plastic cups to keep them safe and well-organized whenever they're not up on the tree.

Glasses cases are your friend.

Here's another great way to keep track of cords and cables. Store them in a glasses case (readily available from the dollar store). Slap a label on there if you're feeling especially fancy.

Even your kids' toys can be organized!

Create a garage for your child's toy cars using a small box and toilet paper or paper towel tubes. Doesn't this look so cute?!

Save your egg cartons!

They're the perfect doodad for keeping your condiment containers organized in the fridge. Bonus: Storing them upside-down means less crazed shaking when it comes time to dress your hot dog.

Don't throw away your fabric softener containers, either!

With some careful scissor maneuvering, they make great storage solutions for kids' books!

Shoe organizers aren't just for shoes.

These neat contraptions can organize just about anything. Here is a great example of a shoe organizer being used to provide a place for various cleaning supplies.

Use the inside of your cupboard doors.

It's the perfect spot to hold spices, measuring cups, spoons and more! I'm actually planning on doing this in my own kitchen.

Feeling tense?

Then you could probably use a tension rod! Install one under your kitchen sink and use it to hang spray bottles.

You'll want to invest in little hooks like these:

First of all, you can use them to create a place to store pot lids, like so.

But they're also good for this:

Keep your rolls of tin foil or plastic wrap in a handy location!

Here's another great hook use!

Bags of chips always take up so much room, don't they? With this hack, they stay off the shelves.

Here's another smart shelf solution:

This shelf is similar to the ones that fit in between your fridge and the wall; this one is a bit wider and can be used in the laundry room. It also keeps loner socks from being lost to the abyss!

Brilliant scarf storage:

Clip some shower curtain rings onto a regular hanger, then use those rings to hang up your scarves! This trick will also work with ties.

Sheet sets? All set!

If I ever saw this in real life, I think I'd probably freak out a little bit. I guess now's the time to give it a try. Maybe I'll freak someone else out with how organized my own linen closet is.

You're folding your socks incorrectly!

This folding method makes it way easier to stack a bunch of socks up. It also doesn't stretch out your socks at all.

This hack is totally clutch.

Those handy pot lid organizers can be used for more than just pot lids! Here's how you can use it for your clutch collection!

Keep your jewelry on display.

A curtain rod is a great place to hang your jewelry whenever you're not wearing it. It's also fun because you get to decorate using your jewelry and see it all the time! Share this with someone who loves to organize.