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What does this mean for the notorious Jeffrey Epstein case? Keep on scrolling to see what Ghislaine Maxwell's "extremely private" deposition means...

Following her highly publicized arrest in July, Maxwell was denied bail and is now being held in prison ahead of her 2021 trial.

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But, there's one issue that has dominated legal proceedings since... the emergence of sensitive documents, which Maxwell’s legal team wanted to be kept out of the public eye.

And, following the initial release of some material, including private emails...

Despite her protests, the 418-page deposition made by Maxwell in 2016 is now officially public.

Now, we all know where this horror story began.

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Jeffrey Epstein, born in New York City in 1953, made a name for himself with elite investment bank Bear Stearns, before founding his own investment firm. But now he's better known for more sinister reasons.

He is now known as a convicted sex offender.

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Epstein was first convicted for a range of sex crimes in 2005, when he pleaded guilty to molesting an underage girl.

Epstein's crimes were far-reaching and varied.

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But, by 2008, he has been convicted for running an underage prostitution ring connected to a number of high powered individuals. Epstein served just thirteen months for this conviction.

But this wasn't the end of his legal troubles.

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On July 6th last year, Epstein was arrested again for sex trafficking of minors in the states of Florida and New York, and was held awaiting trial in a New York prison.

Many were looking forward to justice being served.

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Epstein had managed to get away with vile and criminal acts for the majority of his life, most likely a result of his money and social clout. For his victims, there was finally hope of justice being done.

And many believed his conviction could uncover other high profile and wealthy sex offenders.

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Epstein has numerous friends in high places, and one of those friends is in one of the highest places possible - sitting in the Oval Office. Epstein has had a long friendship with Donald Trump, and his convictions for these horrific crimes have not reflected well on the President.

Other men involved with Epstein included political figures such as Bill Clinton...

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And, even more controversially, Prince Andrew from the British Royal Family. Of course, all of Epstein's high-profile friends have denied any involvement in this scandal, but people aren't too convinced.

But, before Epstein could dish the dirt on his friends...

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He was found dead in his Manhattan prison cell, apparently as a result of hanging.

It was initially presumed that Epstein's death was a suicide...

But because of the nature of his crimes, plus the connections Epstein had to the political and social elite, some have other suspicions about what really happened.

There appear to be a number of things that don't add up...

The idea that a man could manage to commit suicide while under tight surveillance already seems unlikely.

Anyway, in the months following on from his death, the investigation fell silent.

Progress seemed to be sparse, but then, the release of Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich on Netflix catapulted the whole thing back into the spotlight.

The documentary gave several of Epstein's victims a platform they had never had before...

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And they each detailed similar, yet horrifying tales of being sexually assaulted and raped while giving Epstein and his friends "massages."

Many huge names were yet again circulated throughout the documentary...

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And the involvement of Epstein's ex-girlfriend and close friend, Ghislaine Maxwell, fifty-eight, were outlined even further.

Now, ever since his death, Maxwell has remained hidden and out of the public eye...

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And she was never reprimanded or publicly questioned for her involvement in the scandal.

But this didn't quite add up...

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Because a large majority of Epstein's victims had claimed that Maxwell was the one who "recruited" the often underaged girls.

So, people were delighted when the news broke of her arrest.

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It was reported earlier in July that Maxwell had finally been arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire.

The British socialite was taken straight into custody...

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She was described as a flight risk during the hearing, so was therefore ordered to remain in custody while being transferred to New York for a detention hearing.

Maxwell is formally charged with 6 counts:

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Conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and 2 counts of perjury, according to the indictment.

She is also charged for repeatedly lying about her involvement in the sex trafficking ring during a 2016 deposition.

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This is a huge development in the fight for justice and, if found guilty, Maxwell could be facing thirty-five-years behind bars.

On July 14th, Maxwell pleaded not guilty.

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At a hearing via video link, the disgraced socialite remained valiant in her innocence by pleading not guilty.

However, she was still denied bail.

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US federal prosecutors said that she is an "extreme" flight risk and should remain in custody, as per the BBC.

She will remain behind bars until her trial date...

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Which has been scheduled for July 2021.

And this month, there's been a shocking new development...

After the emergence of private emails, it has now been ruled that a deposition made by Maxwell in 2016 will also come to light.

On October 19, a federal appeal court ruled that the 418-page deposition will be made public.

As per the MailOnline, the Court of Appeal for the Second Circuit in New York deemed Maxwell’s arguments against its release "meritless," with a panel of 3 judges emphasizing that the lower court "applied the correct legal framework" while making the decision.

What exactly does this all mean?

Well, it means that the document, which contains Maxwell’s answers to questions that her attorneys went on to describe as "extremely personal, confidential and subject to considerable abuse by the media" could be made public within a matter of days.

Despite Maxwell's lawyers raising concerns, the ruling said this:

"The District Court correctly held that the deposition materials are judicial documents to which the presumption of public access attaches and did not abuse its discretion in rejecting Maxwell’s meritless arguments that her interests superseded the presumption of access. "The District Court’s order articulated and applied the correct legal framework in its individualized review of the materials to be unsealed."

It was reported that Maxwell was very keen for the deposition to not be made public...

But it seems that now she's behind bars, she no longer has any form of power.

News is just in that the 418-page deposition is now public.

The Daily Mail has reported that the bombshell document was released earlier today and it discloses a heated interview in which Maxwell refused to answer questions about her sex life with Epstein - as well as denying she participated in orgies and rebuffed questions about a thirteen-year-old girl being in Epstein's home.

The deposition is part of thousands of files that are gradually being made public...

Which is a part of a defamation case brought against Maxwell by Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre - a separate from Maxwell's criminal charges.

This is a developing story...

So make sure to stay posted for upcoming updates.