‘Ghost Child’ Caught on Video Shocks Ohio Community and Police

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An Ohio community and its police department have been left shaken after footage of a “ghost child” emerged.

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Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, many have questioned the possibility of paranormal beings at least once.

And if you said no, you’re not fooling anyone.

But, is there any proof that there’s life beyond the grave?

Well, a community in Ohio seems to think so…

The community has been shaken up after spotting a “ghost child” lurking, at night, in the area.

A security camera in Mentor captured the footage of a “ghost child” moving extremely fast alongside a road.
But once the internet saw the footage, it caused mixed opinions…

Some are believers…

While others are less convinced…

As per WKYC, on March 10, an officer from the Mentor Police Department responded to a call about a “girl” running on a street in the Bellflower Elementary district.

A police report about the incident read: “I was surprised by what I saw, the person appeared to be a small child, running rather erect and too quickly for a child.”

Once the officer exited his car to confront the “child,” it had disappeared.

The officer then searched a nearby building expecting to find a child “crying or scared” but found nothing.

Other departments including a K-9 team and drone operation also searched the area to no avail.

With police then lodging the incident as an “investigative encounter.”

While many in the community were shaken up after watching the “ghost child” footage…

Their minds may now be at ease as the experts have stepped in.

On the Mentor Facebook group, the Mentor Ohio Paranormal Research Society commented: “We had a bunch of people ask us what we thought about the new video that has been released of a possible ghost in our city being spotted on a doorbell camera.”

“Based from our experience, we believe that this is actually a person running, and the camera is out of focus. You also have to consider lighting and shadow effects going on. We [are] not saying that it couldn’t be, we are just saying… we need to study the actual footage itself.”

You can watch the footage here:

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