A Giant Potato Has Been Turned Into an Airbnb and Looks Incredible Inside | 22 Words

Airbnb is the best friend of every budget traveller. There's plenty of options for any requirements you may have and they tend to come at pretty reasonable prices.

Airbnb is a safe and reliable platform as it uses a review-based system and asks guests to provide IDs for last-minute bookings. The website has grown so much over the past few years that all kinds of weird and unique Airbnbs have started popping up across the globe.

We've found ten incredible examples of amazing and inventive Airbnbs, including sheep wagons, adobe domes, hobbit holes, a futuristic AirShip, and even a whole castle. All of these are available to rent!

Recently, a pretty unique Airbnb has come to light, and it has just opened for business in Idaho. It's surrounded by nothing but farmland and mountains, but the interior compensates for the lack of color on the outside of the "building".

People's reactions to the "potato house" were hilarious. You can find them at the bottom of the page.

What is Airbnb, exactly?

If you haven't come across it yet, Airbnb is a website wherein regular people can rent out their spare spaces to travellers and other guests.

According to BT, Airbnb takes 3% of every booking from hosts and 6% - 12% from guests to keep the platform going.

On Airbnb, you can find a wide variety of accommodation options from shared rooms to entire houses with swimming pools! And it's usually much cheaper than anything that you can find elsewhere.

People love Airbnb for many reasons.

The most important, though, is affordability. Based on your budget, you can get some pretty great deals. Accommodation can cost anywhere between a few dollars to a few hundred a night. But the latter options are usually so unique that they become once-in-a-lifetime experiences, so we think they're kind of worth the price. Wait until you see the whole castle that you can rent in the middle of Ireland!

People love the fact that, by living in an Airbnb, they get to live like a local.

Living like a local, rather than staying in a hotel, you get the chance to meet new people - and, more importantly, you get to hear great restaurant recommendations from them!

Can you trust the hosts (and guests)?

BT says yes. Airbnb has a review system that encourages both hosts and guests to leave honest reviews about each other once the reservation ends.

There's also a Verified ID system that's compulsory for last-minute reservations.

It has guests confirm their identities by asking them to match their accounts with their social media pages and to upload a photo ID.

All kind of crazy Airbnbs have started popping up as the idea has become more popular.

Like this Bubble Suite in Mexico that House Beautiful has come across! Located in Valle de Guadalupe, also known as Mexico's wine country, the bubbles have luxury amenities. That includes vineyard views at daytime and star-gazing from your bed at nighttime. Each bubble comes at $186 a night.

The Sheep Wagon.

One Airbnb host offers a restored 1920s sheep wagon in Wyoming, in the middle of a 30,000-acre ranch. And it can be yours for $125 a night.

The Fairytale treehouse.

Minutes from downtown Atlanta is a treehouse filled with "antique furnishings, artifacts [...] a balcony, hammock, and string lights for days." This is our kind of getaway. It costs $375 a night.

The Adobe Dome.

Even though it may look like a mid-Saharan pile of sand that someone put together in a hurry, this adobe dome is actually solar-powered and can be found in Texas, near Big Bend National Park. It offers incredible views of sunsets and sunrises for just eighty-eight dollars a night.

A literal cave.

This is a cave in Bonnieux, France that was once abandoned in 1930 but now that it's been restored, it's comfortable enough for people to rent for $175 a night. Its main attraction is an "infinity-edge pool dug into the rock." Seriously cool.

The Windmill Airbnb.

You can't come to the Netherlands and skip the country's iconic windmills. Why not stay in one just to make sure that you don't? One windmill, up for rent on Airbnb, even comes with bikes to "ride around the countryside," House Beautiful says. The windmill is the second most expensive on our list as it costs $409 a night. Only a hobbit house could beat it in price!

An Irish Castle.

One guy owns a castle, dating back to 1400s, in Galway, Ireland. He figured it'd be worth renting it out. Funnily enough, the castle is actually cheaper to rent than the windmill in the Netherlands! It can be yours for just $175 a night.

A real plane.

You can get a whole plane all to yourself in western France for $120 a night! There's a bed and a living room in the cabin, while the cockpit has been transformed into a bathroom with a view, according to Airbnb Press Room.

Underground Hygge.

You don't have to travel to New Zealand to see an authentic hobbit house anymore - there's one for rent in Orondo, WA, USA! "Nestled in a hillside along the Columbia River Gorge," the house costs $577 a night.

AirShip 002.

And you don't have to travel through time to see what homes will look like in the future. This "work of art" aluminum pod offers stunning views of the Scottish Highlands, UK. Think it's worth $246 a night to get the opportunity to stargaze from the comfort of your home?

Now another weird and wonderful Airbnb has come to light, and it's the perfect fit for all baked potato lovers out there.

This huge potato is actually an Airbnb house. It's called the Big Idaho Potato Hotel.

No, it's not actually made of potato, unfortunately.

This six-ton structure is actually made of steel, plaster, and concrete, according to Insider.

The grand opening of the potato hotel took place on Monday.

"For #EarthDay a 6-ton Idaho Potato has been officially recycled as an Airbnb, now called the Big Idaho Potato Hotel!" the Idaho Potato Commission wrote on Facebook.

Frank Muir, the president and CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission, also told Kivi Boise, "If you really just wanted to know what it's like to be inside a potato as opposed to have a potato inside you, here's a great opportunity to experience it."

You can find the Airbnb just off Orchard Access Road in Boise. Just look for a massive potato surrounded by nothing but 400 acres of farmland, that's probably it.

It has some great views of the Owyhee Mountains.

And the interior is very "millennial" and stylish, Insider says.

It looks like a potato wonderland in there.

It's got a queen bed, a kitchenette, a small bathroom, a fireplace, and even air-conditioning. That's the fanciest potato we ever did see.

"With millennial-pink accents and house plants aplenty, it's as Instagrammable inside as out," Insider writes.

The potato is twenty-eight feet long, twelve feet wide, and eleven foot five inches tall. The Idaho Potato Commission created it as a way to promote the hearty vegetable.

Once the potato finished its six-year US tour, the Commission didn't know what to do with it.

So Kristie Wolfe, a small-home developer, stepped in. She thought, why not turn it into a unique Airbnb?

A stay is relatively cheap.

It comes at $200 a night. But add the service fee and occupancy taxes, and the price rises to $247 a night.

Most Facebook users seemed to be on board with the idea, but others were put off by the price.

Here are some of the best responses. Tessa Aloni wrote, "Ummm..one potato, two potato, three potato...four ??" (Why count sheep when you can count potatoes?"

Andrei Bursugiu: "Pretty sure you can buy Idaho with $200/night and a $31 service fee."

Malc Jiles: "I could get high in here and be a baked potato in a potato ????"

Monica Brejae Martinez: "If I was a building this is what I would look like."

Misha Kalachov said, "You could be a potato within a potato. Potatoception."

Joanna Helzer: "Am I the only person who wonders what the inside smells like?"

Luis Angel Hernandez-Molina: "200 a night?! I'd rather sleep in an actual potato for free."

Masele McFall Ivey: "Can’t wait for it to sprout eyes and grow more rooms ??"

Bethany Dawn Bulpitt: "I want to live there forever and be one with the potato. For now, the potato is fully booked until June. We'll wait.