Giant Rat Falls from Ceiling in Restaurant and Lands on Customer's Table | 22 Words

We've all had a bad experience at a restaurant. Perhaps you've dealt with a long wait, a rude waitress, or food that turned up cold. But few of us have ever experienced a dining calamity quite as bad as the one that Aisha Norman faced in Los Angeles last week.

Settling down for some Buffalo Wild Wings, Norman was joined for dinner by a certain uninvited guest. A full-sized (and, somewhat, thankfully,) dead rat that had dropped from the ceiling, right onto her table, in a story that should only exist in nightmares. And, as you can probably expect, the internet has gone wild for this disgusting (yet oddly captivating) tale.

Eating out should be a relaxing experience.

For many of us, it can be a fantastic treat, a reward for working through a hard day, or a fun way to relax with friends or family.

Of course, it's not without its risks.

We've all fallen victim to an inattentive (or just plain rude) server, who can absolutely put a dampener on the experience.

And, of course, there's the obvious issue.

Sometimes, the food that you get just isn't up to scratch - and in the worst instances, it can actually be a pretty horrible experience.

But things can get even worse than an unappealing meal.

Sometimes there can be something that's so unbelievably disgusting that it goes beyond the realms of eating.

One such story went viral this week.

A woman who set out to treat herself to a meal out was rudely interrupted - by a certain uninvited guest.

But this wasn't an annoying "friend" or an awkward encounter with an ex.

This guest was of the rodent variety - which is frankly something that you never want to see while out at dinner.

This wasn't a helpful, cute, cartoon rat, either.

If a rat was going to interrupt your meal, you'd at least hope that they were planning on helping out with the cooking - right?

Nope, this was a rat of a different kind.

The rat in question at this meal wasn't there to help out with the food - in fact, it wasn't even alive.

Here's the diner in question.

Alisha Kent Norman is a Houston resident who was vacationing in Los Angeles when she encountered this horrifying scene.

She was visiting Los Angeles to watch a football game.

And while on her trip, Norman decided to make a stop for some tasty fried chicken at a Buffalo Wild Wings.

She was settling doown to watch the game with some tasty snacks.

But all was not well in Norman's world when she heard a thud as something fell from the ceiling.

Here's the first image that she shared.

Looks pretty innocuous at first glance, right? Well, look a little closer - right on top of that menu.

See it yet?

Yep, that's right - it's a full dead rat. Norman shared on Facebook, saying, "So what do you do when a rat falls from the ceiling onto your table... Really LA? I was just trying to watch the soccer game."

As you may expect, Norman was absolutely horrified.

She was told that the rat had fallen from the floor above, where construction was taking place. Although we're not really convinced that's any excuse...

As you'd expect, Norman asked to speak to a manager.

Reportedly, the dead rat was swept into a bag, and the table was cleared and wiped down. No harm done, then?

Norman was amazingly nonplussed by the incident.

She said on Facebook, "I'm a science teacher and went to nursing school, I've seen worse... but I got to see how they handle this bill."

But others on Facebook were less forgiving.

One put it pretty bluntly, commenting on the post: "I. Would. Have. Died." Another simply said, "Oh my god. I can't even."

Others said they wouldn't have stuck around long.

One said, "I'd be out! Maybe the only time I walk out on a bill!"  Another commented, "I'd be out the door as fast as I could go!"

Norman had a different reaction, though.

She wanted to stick around to see what sort of compensation the chain restaurant would be able to come up with.

It turned out that there was a happy ending (of sorts).

Because (as you'd hope) Buffalo Wild Wings took care of Norman's bill. She seemed pretty happy with the result, saying, "Update...there was no bill...headed to fashion district! Great win Team USA."