Giraffes Added To The List Of Animals Facing Extinction

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In this world there are many animals, but it is a known fact that the most dangerous species on the planet is us humans, who continue to slowly destroy and ruin the beautiful world we have. And because of our ways we often see casualties, with many species of animal falling prey to our pollution and destruction. And sadly a new animal has been added to the list of species under the threat of extinction, and it’s an animal you may recognise.

Over the years, many beautiful animals have become extinct

For decades, we have been seeing the decline in certain animal species, with some literally disappearing from the face of the earth.

All of them unique and wonderful and yet no longer in existence

Recently it was reported that the Spix’s Macaw (known as being the inspiration for the animated film Rio) were declared as officially extinct in the wild.

Meaning that we had to say goodbye to the beautiful bird

The news was tragic, as the beautiful animal did not deserve such a fate.  

But more developments have since been reported

However, another well-known animal has since been declared a victim of mankind’s malice.

And what is this animal?

And this animal is the majestic giraffe

The tallest of mammals

Recognised for their beautiful brown patches and their long, powerful necks. The giraffe is recognised as not only one of the most popular animals in the world but also as one of the tallest.

But there is more than one species

In the world there are nine species of the animal

And sadly two of them are now facing extinction

Of the nine, two of the primary species have been deemed as “endangered” by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature.)

These species are…

The Kordofan and Nubian giraffes are found throughout East, Central and West Africa, and sadly have fallen into the red zone.

The news has been a real surprise for conservationists.

The news of the giraffe’s endangered status shocked nature conservationists, who didn’t expect such a low outcome.

You see giraffe’s often fall under the radar

Giraffes as a species often fall under the radar of scientific research and nature conservation, and nobody anticipated that any species of the animal would fall into such dangerous territory.

However, some predicted this outcome

In an interview, Dr Julian Fennessey, co-chair of the IUCN Species Survival Commission Giraffe and Okapi Specialist Group, stated that the animal has been: ‘under severe pressure.’

And had been trying to prevent it

Fennessey then went on to say that ‘we have been sounding the alarm now for a few years.’

But sadly no one seemed to hear it

But with most topic involving the well-being of the earth’s wild life, the pleas fell on deaf ears.

Showing how dismissive the human race can be

And how ignorant we are to the damage we are causing to the planet.

As we are the reason why this has happened

And like everything, we as a species are to blame.

But what exactly are we doing?

In the report, the IUCN cited the following as being the primary reasons for the Giraffe’s new endangered species.

Illegal Hunting

Sadly Africa is still plagued by the issue, meaning that many beautiful animals are slaughtered for personal sport and trade.


It appears that another reason for the giraffe’s endangerment is our agriculture destroying their natural habitat, leaving them homeless and starving.


Africa also has a huge mining community, and sadly this also leads to the destruction and deaths of many animals, who again fall prey to our pollution and machinery.

Civil Unrest

Some have also blamed the political climate of the continent as contributing to the animals’ destruction.

We could change our ways

Of course there could be a day when we all decide the help such wonderful animals survive. But it may not happen at any point soon.

But there is a silver lining

However, the IUCN also produced some more interesting figures

As another 2 species of giraffe have defied the odds

Although the Kordofan and Nubian have been deemed an extinction risk.

And they are called…

It has also been revealed that another 2 giraffe species, the West African and Rothchild’s have had their conservation status improved.

Which proves the success of trying to protect such a beautiful animal

Arthur Muenza, East Africa co-ordinator for the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, said in a statement, ‘This is a conservation success story.’

And he’s right

Which is not wrong, as this development proves how important it is to protect and conserve such endangered animals.

But he had more to say

Muenza also implored conservationists to step up their efforts, especially with two species having joined the recently endangered category of animal.

But I’m sure we can all do our part

But maybe there is something we can all do, to help the planet and the animals we share it with.

Save the giraffes

Because there are many other species also facing a similar or even worse fate.