When a boy asked a 3-year-old Kynlee to marry him, she put him in a headlock.

In a now-viral video, first reported by Good Morning America, the Missouri-born girl was asked by parents and her teacher at St. Charles, Missouri why Kynlee felt she needed to do the act, she simply explained that it had to be done.

When Kynlee's father, Scott McFetridge, picked up his daughter from school, he happened to notice Kynlee's name was on the pink list - meaning she was at the negative end of the school's color-coded behavior chart.

In the hilarious video captured by Kynlee's mom Kristen McFetridge, Kynlee explains what happened: "I took a headlock down on Jack and took him down," because kids don't get married so that's why I put a headlock down on him."

McFetridge said the teacher was laughing as she recounted Kynlee's headlock, and it took all he had in him not to laugh too.

"I was trying to be a good dad and reprimand her, but it was pretty hilarious," he said. "It was hard for me to stop laughing and put her in timeout but we made it happen."

Scott had begun wrestling with his daughter from a young age as a way to help her gain strength and build her coordination. She was born with a heart condition that required her to have open heart surgery at just 5-months-old. However, we bet he never thought she would begin using the moves on her classmates!

"It's not like I taught her [a headlock]," McFetridge told GMA. "I was just trying to get her stronger and coordinated and I guess she figured out what I was doing and I didn't really realize she learned it."

Her parents described 3-year-old Kynlee as a "firecracker" who is wise beyond her years, and while she recognized that putting her classmate in a headlock is wrong, she has assured everyone that she and Jack (the unlucky rejected little boy) are still "really good buddies."

Scott joked that he hopes the incident hasn't completely deterred her from using the move and she will use it when she's a teenager: "Every dad wants their little girl to put a headlock down on a boy, especially one who had a rough start like her. Hopefully she can still do that in about twelve years."

The video shows little Kynlee in a pink and blue outfit talking to her mom off-camera.

"What happened at school?" the concerned mom is heard asking.

"I took a headlock down on jack and I took him down," little Kynlee replies innocently. But when the mom said: "I don't think you're supposed to do that," Kynlee had an excellent response.

"But that's the greatest thing ever!" Before mom clarifies: "Let's not put headlocks on boys."

We think her logic is excellent - however, maybe her next proposal won't end in a headlock!