Girl Brutally Re-Captions Instagram Photos of Her and Her Boyfriend After Finding Out He Cheated | 22 Words

There's nothing quite like paranoia. Once you've set your mind on something, it can seem that any piece of "evidence" you find only confirms your theory. But imagine having all of your suspicions confirmed... Then it's time to start planning some revenge.

Well, this one woman decided to let the whole of Instagram know that her boyfriend is a no-good cheater with a series of re-edited captions and they're hilarious... And scary.

Have a look for yourselves.

There's nothing worse than a secret suspicion.

Feeling like someone's trying to hide something from you has to be up there as one of the most irritating feelings in the world.

Plus, once you start to have that feeling, something strange seems to happen.

Every little thing that you discover seems to serve as irrefutable proof that you are totally right!

It can be tempting to take action.

Undertaking a personal investigation can sometimes seem like the only way to get to the bottom of your theory.

And it's even worse if the object of your suspicion is your significant other.

The person that you feel the closest to is the person that you'd usually turn to in a time like this, but if they're the one that you're feeling distrustful of, it can be difficult to know what to do.

The most common suspicion?

It's got to be unfaithfulness. The fear that your partner has had their attention caught by another is many people's worst nightmare.

Social media has only exacerbated the problem.

With an abundance of ways to see and get into contact with ridiculously attractive people (sure, sometimes it's down to facetune, but who's to know?), it seems like it's harder than ever to maintain an honest relationship.

Which can lead to some arguments.

How would you feel if your significant other was liking a lot of Instagram thirst-traps? It's hard to deny that it would hurt your feelings.

You want to be wrong...

But if you see something that you don't like, it seems like it's a natural instinct to prove that you're not wrong, that you're not being distrustful for no reason.

And when your suspicions are fully confirmed...

It's all over.

Then you're walking on dangerous territory...

You suddenly find yourself plotting and scheming about the best way to get revenge on your cheating partner.

And one woman did exactly that...

After finding out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her for a while, of course, she was upset for a while, but rather than falling into a slump, she decided to get her own back.

While most people opt for egging windows or simply burning their stuff...

Others go for a whole different plot.

When most couples break up, they try and get rid of all evidence of the relationship from their social media profiles, right?

But not this girl.

She decided the best way to get revenge would be to let all of her followers know that her ex was a no-good cheater.

She did this by going back and re-editing all the cute and sloppy captions with some brutally savage ones instead and lucky for you, we have the most hilarious ones so you can enjoy them as much as we did.

"Should have stabbed him in the heart while I had the chance..."

So the first one clearly favors violence...

And so does the second one...

"I'm in the perfect position to strangle him, and if I had known that he was a cheater, I probably would have," she writes openly. Let's hope she wasn't being serious...

The third lets all of her followers know that he's a liar too...

These labels are going to make it pretty difficult for him to get into another relationship.

And the fourth and final one just adds insult to injury:

"He played me better than he plays baseball..." Yikes.

So what's the life lesson? Pure and simple: Don't cheat.

Or you might end up the laughing stock of Instagram.

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According to some research, some couples believe that their partner eating McDonald's without them is worse than cheating... I'm not kidding.