A girl has gone viral on TikTok this week after she used some seriously impressive internet detective skills to expose a racist troll...

And not only have people been left horrified by the vile comments made by this individual...


But they've also commended the woman for exposing the man and calling him out for what he truly is - a racist troll.

Here's the full story...

Now, we all know that racism is still, very sadly, a thing...


Especially here in the United States.

The tragic death of George Floyd alone proves that very matter...


And although the police officer responsible for his death has just been found guilty of second-degree murder, there is still a lot that needs to happen.

Because racism doesn't just happen on the streets...


It happens on our screens too.

​The use of racial and derogatory terms is rife on social media...


Because let's face it, people feel invincible behind their computer and smartphone screens... which is not okay.

It's a serious problem that way too many people have to deal with online...


​And one young woman recently decided to expose a vicious troll on TikTok who had been harassing numerous people with racist abuse.

TikTok user @mandilosophy created a video recently showing how she tracked down a racist troll on the video-making app...

TikTok / @mandilosophy

And people have been left seriously impressed over how she managed to expose this narrow-minded individual.

Mandi brought up a comment that user @alexbirlescu left on her TikTok, saying:

TikTok / @mandilosophy

"Please lady, just fly back to China and leave us alone. We tired of all that complaining all the time."

He also left a comment telling Mandi to "get a life."

The young woman addressed the man directly, saying:

TikTok / @mandilosophy

"Hi Alex, so I love how you say I don't have a life because I was able to find out all your social media posts... including this comment on my video which I have deleted because I have a better way of exposing you!"

Mandi had clearly done her research...

TikTok / @mandilosophy

Because she then pulled up come comments he had left on other TikTok profiles, including this on a Black woman's video:

"You'll look so good working in the fields, gathering cotton."

She then found another comment left on a Black man's video:

TikTok / @mandilosophy

"I saw a monkey looking exactly like your bf in the zoo last week, she was a little more handsome."

Utterly disgusting.

"Knowing that you sit so comfortable on the internet being racist doesn't sit right with me."

TikTok / @mandilosophy

"You thought you were so confident hiding your face in your profile picture," Mandi says, before pulling up his Facebook account that she had found.

"I was able to find your tagged photos."

Mandi then displays pictures of Alex found on his Facebook page...

TikTok / @mandilosophy

"Tell me Alex, is this you?"

"Is this also you?"

TikTok / @mandilosophy

"So you see Alex, you should really be careful about what you say on the internet because you're not being as anonymous as you think you are."

We love to see it!


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You can watch Mandi's full video here.