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A 9-year-old girl has left the internet heartbroken after she held a bake sale to help pay for her father's funeral.

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Luckily, her efforts haven't gone unnoticed.


After the news of her bake sale spread, they received some incredible acts of kindness.

​Now, of course, the death of any loved one is incredibly difficult. 


But, for a child to a lose a parent - well, that's just unthinkable.

And one little girl has this week left the internet well and truly heartbroken after losing her dad.


Safe to say, the family's devastating story has tugged on everyone's heartstrings. Though, they didn't quite expect the repsonse they'd get...

According to a GoFundMe set up by the family, 9-year-old Kaylei Miller's father, Jason Barton, was killed in a crash on January 3rd.


He was just thirty-five years old.

Barton - a father of 3 - did not have life insurance or much remaining in savings.


So, devastatingly, the family was left having to fundraise for a memorial service in his honor.

"Death of our parents is not something we think about when we are kids and it is just heart breaking knowing these kids will be without their father," a relative wrote on the donation page.


"This pandemic has taken a huge toll on all of them and then this happens. Jason was such a loving father and husband."

Kaylei, however, came up with her own way of raising some money.


The 9-year-old had a knack for baking, so decided to throw a bake sale at her local Dairy Queen to help raise money for the funeral.

Kaylei made red velvet cakes and sold them outside of the restaurant in Fairdale last week with her family's help.


According to People, a line of cars formed to buy the baked treats, with one couple donating a whopping $1,000 to their efforts.

"The pandemic won't stop us from caring about other people," Jack, who donated with his wife, Debbie, told WAVE.

He continued:


"As my wife said, she lost her father when she was in the fourth grade and still remembers what it was like. We knew the kind of pain the young lady was going through and we wanted to help."

The amount of people who showed up to support the family during this difficult time has left a big mark on Kaylei.


​Explaining how she felt, Kaylei told the outlet she was "Just grateful."

"I cried yesterday because of all the people who actually cared."

​Her mom, Whitney, also expressed her gratitude in a note on the family's GoFundMe page, which has so far raised a staggering $43,000. 


"I just want to tell you guys how blessed and how thankful and grateful I am for all of these donations, because never in 1 million years would I ever thought people would care this much over someone who they have not ever even met," she wrote.

She continued:

Courtesy of Whitney Barton

"We are all so heartbroken and so very lost but your donations and your prayers are what's going to help us get through this terrible situation and we will live on in his memory thanks to all of you."

What an absolutely devastating situation. 


Nevertheless, it's clear the outpour of love and support has gone a long way.

If you want to donate to the family's GoFundMe, click here.

Rest In Peace, Jason.