Girl Matches With La Croix Thief on Tinder and Then Unravels the Hilarious Story

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Oh, what a magical world online dating can be. You never know what kind of person you are going to come across or what inappropriate pick-up lines you are going to hear. And maybe, just maybe, after you filter through a few creeps and weirdos, you might find true love. If you don’t find love, you usually end up with a few good stories– some of them are so hilarious, you have to share it online.

The things that happen on Tinder seem too insane to believe, and this is one of those stories. No fake news here, but one girl using Tinder came across a thief, a victim and an entire case of missing La Croix. It started as crime, then turned into a love triangle, and ended as a sensational Internet story.

Buckle up all you romantics, this is the modern love story of our generation.

Do you stay swiping?

If you use Tinder or any other online dating app, you know that you can run into some pretty interesting people who have some interesting things to say.

The tales of Tinderella

There have been some beautiful Tinder love stories, and it can be a great way to meet a potential significant other.

Not always ideal

Unfortunately, most of the time, it’s a hot mess and you have to deal with some crazy AF people.

One girl was using Tinder and came across a love triangle like no other.

It’s definitely caught the attention of the entire Internet.

Emily, or @holycacamole on Twitter, is our leading lady in this story.

She was looking for love, like the rest of us, on Tinder and found herself in the midst of an all-American crime.

It was just an average day

Tinder was being Tinder, providing you with only the weirdest or the best of people, you never really know, and Emily swiped on two different guys that had one thing in common: LaCroix.

Here’s the tweet that spread all over Twitter, and beyond.

Emily, typing in all caps for much needed dramatic effect, screenshot a once in a lifetime Tinder interaction.

Drew, our thief in the story, strikes up a conversation with Emily saying he found a rack of the wholesome drink on the sidewalk and decided to take it home.

He swears on his life that it was all coincidence, and takes it without thinking twice.

Raymond (our victim) is not having a good day.

He turned his head for two minutes, and when he turned back, his beloved LaCroix was gone. He bravely shared this with Emily on Tinder.

Detective Emily

Emily puts two and two together and realizes that the guys she’s been talking to on Tinder are actually talking about each other. She knows the thief, and she knows the victim.

Was LaCroix worth the risk?

There’s one thing you need to know about LaCroix: you either absolutely love it or you think it’s the worst thing ever. There’s no in between.

The people who hate LaCroix, hate it with a creative and witty passion.

I’m not kidding. They are serious about it.

There are also some big “stans.”

The people who love it clearly have a deep affection for the bubbly beverage.

All is fair in love and LaCroix!

Our two lover boys, Drew and Raymond, have a fierce love for it. It’s so obvious, that one of them was willing to steal a rack right off of the streets.

An epic love story

Fans of the love story were thriving because of the epicness of it all, but little did they know, it was about to get better.

A beautiful bro moment

Since these LaCroix loving men were only a few miles from each other, Emily set it up so they could meet and share the bubbly drink together.

Is anyone else feeling emotional?

The purest truce our generation has ever seen: two young Tinder gentlemen settling their differences over a millennial beverage.

A highkey chiller indeed

— Emily the BEAST (@classicbrahem) 1545123065.0

Emily invited Drew (the redeemed thief) in to have another drink. She determined that he was a high-key chiller.

Don’t worry fam, Drew gave back the bubbly– as we can see in these videos posted on Emily’s Twitter.

He probably couldn’t handle the guilt. We love a good guy.

Unexpected fame

Raymond doesn’t have a Twitter so we don’t know his honest reaction, but we know Drew didn’t see this coming.

What’s LaCroix without love?

This is sweet and all, but is Emily ever going to find love? Are Drew or Raymond going to be as faithful to her as they are to LaCroix?

Let’s ask the fans

Emily conducted a poll asking her followers to choose between Drew and Raymond.

The people have spoken

Almost 47,000 people voted and it was a close call, but ultimately stans were for Team Raymond.

Love is love

Either way, a beautiful bromance was formed and we can’t deny that both of these young gentlemen are handsome and charming.

Wait a hot minute

A lot of tweets were pretty expressive about how attractive the two guys were, and we can’t blame them.

Team Raymond and Drew?

Some people were rooting for Raymond and Drew to get together, which would have made for an awesome ending to this story.

We need this love

I mean the story of  “how we met” would be the most unique and adorable one I’ve ever heard.

An awkward reality

This just about sums up this whole experience, in a really weird way.

Emily still loves LaCroix

Even if none of this works out, Emily knows her love for LaCroix is as strong as ever and she is staying loyal to the drink.

Groom of honor?

This is also an ideal ending, having Emily stay involved in their relationship if they ever got together. This could be the greatest love story of all time.

Happy endings for all

Twitter absolutely adored this love story and was celebrating love in all shapes and forms– even if it’s love for a carbonated drink.

Sippin’ on that bubbly

The official LaCroix Twitter account was trying to slide into Emily’s DMs too and was a huge fan of this love triangle.

A new love story?

Tinder and LaCroix started getting a little flirty, too. The love was spreading all across the Internet.

Not a bad idea

I think Ellen would love this complicated triangle. It’s daytime television gold.

Ellen’s reaction

In true Ellen-like fashion, we know she would be shook, and have a good laugh over this whole situation. Who wouldn’t?

We hope this story made you believe in love again.

Or made you laugh, cry and stay curious about LaCroix and Tinder. Share this story with someone who needs to be reminded that true love can happen.