Taking selfies with animals can be a dangerous game. Sure, you could end up with a cute photo - but you could also land yourself in a pretty painful situation - as one woman learned this week. We bet she's learned a valuable lesson! Watch the video at your own risk.

Selfies are taking over the world.

It seems as though the world is constantly giving us more and more extravagant selfies every day.

And one sure-fire way to make your selfie stand out?

By getting a cute animal involved, of course!

Animals and selfies can be a perfect combo.

Especially when you catch them at the perfect moment.

There are some who just get it right.

Allan Dixon has a whole Instagram account dedicated to his art.

And we can see why.

Because his animal selfies are very cute. Unlike others we could mention ...

Because there's one animal that's notoriously difficult to selfie with.

Sure, goats are very cute.

But they're also pretty wild.

Meaning you get up close and personal with a goat at your own risk.

If you're worried about pain...

Then you'd better avoid trying to get a selfie with a goat.

As one woman learned this week.

via: YouTube

Here she is, prepped and selfie-ready.

But the goat had other ideas.

And it quickly made them abundantly clear.

Here's the shot she was hoping for.

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Selfie with a goat, complete. But then the goat changed his tune.

Clearly, the goat was not in the mood to be photographed.

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And it didn't waste time making his stance known.

It reared up ready for impact.

via: YouTube

And aimed for an absolutely knockout headbutt.

Mission: success.

via: YouTube

Now that's gotta hurt!

Here's the full video.

But viewer discretion is advised here! Want to go for a more successful animal selfie? Scroll on for an ingenious device that allows dog owners to get the perfect shot.