Girlfriend Gets the 'Most Bizarre Revenge Ever' on Fat-Shaming Ex-Boyfriend | 22 Words

A woman has gone viral after getting the "most bizarre revenge ever" on her fat-shaming ex-boyfriend.

Nobody can get their head around what she did...

Body image is a major issue in today's society.

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With a never-ending choice of Instagram filters and photoshop tools making it easier than ever to make yourself look perfectly flawless in your photos, it’s no wonder that more and more people are having issues with their body image.

It's difficult to remember that Instagram is everyone's highlight reel.

And that what you see isn't always the reality.

Several people have revealed just how toxic social media culture really is...

And the impact it can have on people’s mental health and self-esteem is detrimental.

Standards have been set unrealistically high.

Because, come on... We all have cellulite, we all have rolls of skin, we all have blemishes. We all have imperfections, because we’re all human.

And weight is perhaps the biggest issue.

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With these unrealistic body standards comes the weight problem.

Over the years, the glossy magazines have fed us a damaging ideology.

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That, to be beautiful, you have to be a size zero. No question about it.

However, people are starting to fight back against this harmful notion.

Enter: the body positivity movement.

But, the reality is that people are still being body shamed and fat-shamed.

And sometimes those comments don't come online, they come from somewhere a lot closer to home.

One woman has gone viral after getting revenge on her fat-shaming ex and his family.

Fat-shaming comments are horrible enough as it is, but for them to come from your partner is on another level.

But, this was no ordinary revenge...

Oh no, this girl has something much more creative up her sleeve.

Before her breakup...

She claimed he apparently made some nasty remarks about her physique.

News of her revenge quickly reached mainstream media.

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And, after finding out what she did, people are now hailing it as the "ultimate form of revenge."

The girl, who has the username Xiaoxiao on China’s Weibo social network, went under the knife to have a liposuction procedure done.

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The cosmetic procedure used to remove fat from the body is the most common form of plastic surgery in the States.

And she decided to do something, well, bizarre, with the fat they extracted from her.

As in, she made a bar of soap out of it. Yep, you read that right.

She claimed that she made several bars of soap out of her fat following the procedure...

And that she intended on sending them to her ex and his family as gifts for Chinese New Year.

Well, it's certainly a statement.

Even if it is a little gross. For more like this, scroll on to take a look at the first-ever body-positive children's book...