Whether you have a wife a girlfriend, a non-binary partner, a husband, a boyfriend, a fiancé, a pet, or you are just your own perfect company, everyone enjoys a good, funny prank or a perfectly orchestrated joke. And the ones in this list just all happen to be performed by geniuses who also happen to be wives or girlfriends. After seeing what these women did, it will be no mystery that someone wanted to snatch them up and form serious relationships with these hilarious geniuses.

Whether they are putting googly eyes on everything in the fridge or wrapping your hardboiled eggs in compromising positions or making snarky food charts for their lazy partners, these women know how to elicit many laughs from their loved ones. No matter if you have a funny lady in your life or not, you will be able to appreciate these hilarious pictures. I guarantee it.

Milk's gone bad

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I cannot overstate how much I appreciate a good pun, especially one that took so much hard work to execute.

New cutting board

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This is hilarious. A constant reminder that Erik is too lazy to use a cutting board when he is chopping vegetables. What's wrong with you, Erik?


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This is uncanny. In what world do a group of dudes wear bright, solid color shirts like that? This isn't real life!

Underwear pics

This is hilarious to everyone except the dog, who is so clearly not thrilled to be exploited in this fashion.

Happy Little Accidents

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This is a super funny, appropriate way to reveal your happy little accident to your partner. Although this happy accident won't be little for long.

Googly eyes

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This is hilarious. The only problem is that now everything is too cute, and I don't want to eat any of it.

Shadow figure

Sometimes you have to leave it to your girlfriend to expose the darker, scarier side of yourself that you didn't even know existed.

What a laugh

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I would hope this would be my reaction if my husband fainted at the sight of our newborn child. Get it together, man! She's the one who did all the work!

Harry Potter...

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This was the longest and most boring Harry Potter book, but I have to admit that biocrust was a formidable villain.


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Robbie is clearly a lazy monster who doesn't do his own dishes, and he should not be able to use the kitchen until he makes up for what is clearly years of terrible habits.

Pizza wreath

You know that saying about lemons and lemonade? When life gives you too many pizza menus, make a pizza menu wreath!

Baby head

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This is such a disturbing picture and I also cannot stop looking at it. The baby's head is so small, and the body is so big.


These monogrammed pajamas are amazing and now I have so many ideas for monogrammed products for my own partner. Spoiler alert: They will all say "Farts."


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Aside from the mask, this bodysuit looks really comfortable and I kind of want one so I can wear it all the time.

Yard sale signs

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This makes me want to have a yard sale just so I can make really clever signs that will make people want to stop and buy my old stuff!

Hardboiled eggs

Hm, I don't... There is something...well...vaguely anatomic about this pair of hardboiled eggs. Guys, I can't help it. Male junk is funny.


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This isn't actually funny at all and it's really unfair because she stole all the limelight from her own boyfriend at his birthday party. So selfish.

Banana attorney

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I love when people wear ridiculous Halloween costumes to work and then they're the only ones in the office. I mean, maybe other people dressed up too, but this is definitely the silliest costume.

Twix halves

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She didn't say which half of the Twix she was willing to part with, and I respect this move very much. Everyone knows the caramel is the best part.

Ancient traditions

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Wow, I wish this was still a thing. I think I will make sure that we do this if and when I give birth someday.

Prank bananas

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I would literally jump out of my skin if I saw this or worse, reached out and accidentally brushed my hand against this tarantula skin.

Pillow wife

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This is pretty much all you need when your wife is going away for a few months. It will be just like she's there.

Funny cactus

I mean, yes, this is a hilarious cactus. I don't have to tell you why. If I saw this, I would send a picture of it to everyone I know.

Cookie cake

This is one way to tell your partner that you're pregnant. At least he gets a cookie cake out of it. Everyone knows cookie cakes are better than regular cakes.


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I love when dogs and people look alike. It is one of my favorite things in the world. Obviously, they need to get one of these dogs now.

Score sheet

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This is so accurate though. I don't really want my kid's teacher grading their "tonguing," even when it has to do with playing the recorder or something.

Pringle trail

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Here is the thing. Girlfriends know what works, and they will exploit it. And they should.

Big arse

Oh, she knew exactly what she was doing, and she nailed it. 10/10 execution, stuck the landing, what a move.

Skeleton porn

This is the perfect use for a full-size skeleton replica and I am so glad it ended up in the right hands.

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