People Are Just Finding Out They Can ‘Gleek’ and It’s Really Freaking Them Out

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I’ll bet any money you’ve done this before without even realizing it…

Who needs an education when you’ve got access to a whole plethora of knowledge at the touch of a button?

But in all seriousness, TikTok users have been spitting facts (quite literally) this week, and people can’t believe they didn’t know their body could do this.

Gleeking is basically the action of projecting spit from under the tongue that usually happens when we yawn.

However, TikTok users have been debuting their skills online, showing they can actually control the commonly involuntary action.

And a doctor on TikTok recently shared that it is highly possible for people to teach themselves how to do it, although I’m not sure why you’d ever want to.

Dr. Daniel Aranov shared in the now-viral video that “we have glands that make saliva that sit right underneath our tongue. They release their saliva through 2 little openings.”

He then informed his followers that “there’s a way to train your tongue to squeeze those salivary glands and gleek.” Ew.

What might repulse you even more is there’s actually a WikiHow article teaching you how to gleek step by step.
I think that’s enough internet for one day…

While it might be an impressive skill to some, the reason we gleek is purely to help keep our mouths “moist” while we eat.

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Other than that, it really serves no purpose other than grossing your friends and family out.
Just please don’t do it in public. I beg.