Glitter Coffin Will Make Sure Your Funeral Is As Fabulous As You

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Death is often seen or portrayed as something sad or frightening. In a majority of the Western World, death is celebrated by wearing black and mourning the dearly departed. But funerals don’t always have to be sad or negative. One UK based coffin company is trying to change that completely and make your funeral something like nobody has ever seen before. The coffin company specialises in making the most fabulous coffins you will ever see and don’t worry, they can be shipped all over the world specially for you.

A beautiful way to reflect and celebrate a person’s life

The Glitter Coffin Company, based in the United Kingdom, is finally acknowledging the more marvellous side of death. With their company site stating that ‘Our stunning coffins are a beautiful way to reflect and celebrate a person’s life.’

What about the cost?

The coffins are made to order, and you can contact the company about the different prices. They can also be shipped all over the world.

The perfect thing to blow your money on!

So realistically a glitter coffin is the best thing to blow your money on before the end of your life.

The lighter side of death

The coffins are designed to be loud and colourful pieces, proving that the subject of death does not always have to be a sad and depressing one.

But what colour should I pick?

And if you’re wondering which colour you should have, there’s no need to worry.

They literally have a rainbow!

Because the Glitter Coffin Company has a wide variety of colours to choose from.  

For example…

The company has a simple silver.

Or something more tasteful?

And if that isn’t your colour, how about this dusky rose gold?

Anything else?

Or if you truly were a superstar in life, how about this beautiful gold?

Something for the ladies…

For the girly girls they also provide this stunning pink. I’m sure plenty of men will be eyeing up this colour as well.

But don’t worry boys…

They can also craft you a coffin covered in this steely blue.

Or something more traditional?

And for those who favour the idea of a traditional Victorian funeral, the company of course does a tasteful black.

Do they have anything ornate?

The range of colours goes on and on, as can be seen with this subtle opal white.

Is this one too much?

For the party animals, they also have this showbusiness purple. I’m sure your loved ones will remember you if you got this one.

How about something lighter?

They also provide lighter, more pastel colours of glitter. This quiet lilac still makes a beautiful impression.

And of course…

I guess Disney’s Frozen is still popular, because the company also provide this flamboyant ice blue.

And there’s so much more!

But none of these colours have made you consider the prospect of purchasing a glitter coffin, then you don’t have to worry.

The rainbow continues!

Because the company also provides such colours as copper, green, red, hologram, disco, royal blue, petrol and gunmetal grey – just to name a few more.

How beautiful can a coffin get?

So would you consider purchasing one of these pretty coffins?

Other Options

And of course, the company cater to other needs and wishes.

The company understands that people may want more

The company is well aware than many people do not wish to be buried when they leave this life.

Coffins are not the only way

Some people would rather be cremated.

Ashes to ashes

And have their ashes spread to the four winds.

Remembered in the family

Or have their ashes kept within the family, as a reminder of happy times.

Not to worry…

Well the Glitter Coffin Company also have these people covered.

They do more than coffins…

For the company also provides glitter covered boxes for ashes, which are priced around $169.99. They even provide boxes for pet ashes to!

A wonderful way to say goodbye

But no matter which product you get, be it a coffin or an ash box, I think we can agree that this quirky company has provided a wonderful way to say goodbye and be remembered.

How about it?

So would you consider a glitter funeral?

Which one would you get?

If so, what colour coffin would you get? And do you think it would suit your personality?

Dead and Fabulous

But I’m sure we can all agree that a glitter coffin is a stunning way to be remembered. Its nice to see a company that can approach the subject of death in such a fun and fabulous way!