People have taken to the internet to share their snapshots of what the "American" section looks like in their local grocery stores and the results are hilarious... and admittedly, a bit weird.

Let's be honest... we're pretty weird people.

America is home to a number of unique quirks that make it the place that it is today.

But when it comes to food, we're perhaps the weirdest.

From sugary snacks, to our frivolous use of canned cheese, the world looks at us as the home of some very strange foods.

And a lot of people from other countries have been sharing their discoveries on the internet.

Have a look for yourselves...

​Switzerland's really got things covered with this hot dog flavored pizza burger...

I mean, Germany's not wrong... We do eat a lot of popcorn and marshmallows, but so does the rest of the world, right?

Now this one's just weird, but you really can't go wrong with apple pie.

Now, the British are really winning for a wide selection...

But they're really focusing on the sweet treats...

You can even get pumpkin puree deep in the British aisles!

Is that marshmallow fluff I see?

And these bad boys even made an appearance!

Hampstead has really upped its game too. As if they have Aunt Jemima's syrup and we don't... Yikes.

Another classic.

This makes a change from the typical mayo and ketchup combo the British are obsessed with...

And the French are taking after the Germans with this marshmallow trend, aren't they?

​The size of the US flag in this Swedish store is a little... disproportionate. 

Now, the Irish have only dedicated a small section to American goods... but we have all the main contenders there so it's all good.

​A hamburger cookie? It looks as unappetizing as it sounds...

The Colombians are on the right path with the peanut butter flavored hot chocolate.

Again, with the flags. Listen, I know we Americans love a good flag, but this is just taking it to a whole other level. Take the bunting down.

The Spaniards tried their best, not as good as the Colombians though.

The American section is where you go for your sugar rush. You're guaranteed a good time...

New Zealand, we see you... You tried.

Aussies clearly think we only eat Twinkies... and Hershey's.

Now this is just plain insulting! We have some good food, right? Anyone? Please?

So what do you think? Did these stores get it right?

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