A fourteen-year-old diver who won Olympic Gold has been flooded with offers including a free apartment and $30,000... but her father has turned it all down.

Quan Hongchan from China succeeded in getting a perfect score in 2 rounds leading her to win gold in the ten-meter diving at the Tokyo Olympics. Since then, she has been showered with offers which included a free apartment.

However, her father Quan Wenmao has declined all the offers.

"I thank them for coming, but I did not take anything. I did not take a penny," he said, as reported by the South China Morning Post.

In addition to the offers of money and property, local businesses have also offered Quan an array of gift opportunities. For example, a safari and amusement park in her area have offered free membership to all members of the Chinese diving team.

Quan was also offered gifts of food, such as her favorite street snack, Latiao.

After winning gold, Quan dedicated her victory to her mother who she said was suffering from an illness. In response, the revelation sparked an influx of support for her and her family, with fans even volunteering to pay for medical treatment.

Fans have also been traveling to Quan's family home in the Guangdong province, with reports arising that the family and neighbors have been harassed.

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"They can just send their regards. There is no need to come here." Quan Wenmao said. "It's disturbing their lives and ours too, isn't it?"

The China Discipline Inspection and Supervision News reported that the small village has been seeing up to 2000 daily visitors who reportedly hang around into the night against the wishes of Quan's family and neighbors.

The report went on today that elderly residents of the village were unable to sleep for 2 nights straight. It added that some people have even been trying to pick from a jackfruit tree outside Quan's home.

Videos and photos on the Chinese social media platform Weibo show tourists crowding around village homes, drawing criticism from people in the comments.

The joy surrounding Quan's fame as a young gold medalist comes from her humble background. She said she took up professional diving to pay for the medical bills of her sick mother, who was injured in a car accident in 2017.

Congratulations, Quan!